World of Warcraft: Fight for the Legion in World of Warcraft’s upcoming pre-expansion patch

By ·April 28, 2016 11:33 pm

It’s been discovered through an update to the World of Warcraft Alpha that we will (most likely) be able to fight for the Burning Legion as a Dreadlord in the pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft: Legion.

Popular World of Warcraft YouTuber, HeelsVsBabyface, came across the likely pre-expansion event while flying over the city of Stormwind. It appears that players will occassionally be notified of ‘whispers of the Legion’ when flying over populated cities. After the notification appears players are given a couple 30-minute debuffs and a new hotbar at the bottom of the screen, similar to a vehicle hotbar.

The first debuff makes you take 90% less damage but also makes you deal 90% less damage essentially making you more resillient but less powerful. The second debuff has nine charges, and to become an overpowered Dreadlord, you’ll need to fully deplete all nine charges of this debuff.

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To deplete a single charge you must corrupt another player using the “Turn Ally” spell on your hotbar. The “Turn Ally” spell requires you to channel a spell at a player target for 10 seconds. Once you’ve successfully turned an ally you will be marked as an “Ally of the Burning Legion” for 15 seconds, this basically marks you up as a PVP target and guards will become hostile to you. Every time you deplete a charge of this debuff, you will also lose 10% effects form the other debuff. As such if you have seven charges on the main debuff your other debuff will make you take 70% less damage and make you deal 70% less damage.

However, if you die at any point in the process of depleting charges you will lose the debuffs and have to start from the very beginning. This entails flying around a city until your effected by the ‘whispers of the Legion’ again.

Once you have finally removed all charges of the main debuff, you will be unable to unlock the final spell on your hotbar and become a guard crushing Dreadlord, during which your stats are increased and your free to wreak as much havoc as you can for 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds of being a Dreadlord are up you’ll die! To go again you’ll have to repeat the entire process over again.

For a full breakdown of the pre-expansion event find, the available abilities and some general shenanigans, watch HeelsVsBabyface’s video below. Be sure to Like his video and Subscribe to his channel and thank him with a comment for bringing this event to light!

Take note that as this is from the Legion Alpha, all of this is highly susceptible to change. This change could come in the form of balancing, altering the Dreadlord abilities and even removing the feature all together. Hopefully they don’t as this looks like it could be a really enjoyable quest and part of a really solid pre-expansion event.

Image Credits: Blizzard / HeelsVsBabyface

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