Will The Raza crew really kill Ryo Ishida in Dark Matter Season 3?

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Season 3 of Dark Matter has begun and we loved the double premiere. One thing that it set up was Two and our crew deciding to seek out and end the life of Four, who has reclaimed his memories and titles as Emperor Ryo Ishida – turning him back into a full on villain (the truly bad kind, not the good kind like our Raza crew).

Although Three executed Ryo’s clone – without knowing that it was a clone – without pause or mercy, I think there’s actually a great deal of weight behind the decision to kill off Four, if it does indeed happen. An emotional weight for The Raza crew, who have lived with Four as a friend, and also weight from a writing perspective, because fans might view our characters differently if they execute one of their own.

The show’s strengths lay in the interconnectedness of our crew and how they would do anything for one another, despite their rogueish ways. So murdering Ryo – old memories or not – won’t come without consequences for the show.

The crucial question, therefore, is: will Joseph Mallozzi actually go through with it? Below, I assess the chances of Ryo’s demise by exploring the biggest factors involved and the clues that are already present.

  • For – evidence that implies that The Raza crew will kill Ryo
  • Against – evidence that implies that The Raza crew won’t kill Ryo

Emperor Ryo Ishida marching menacingly down a hallway.

Against: The historical death count

Think back to when Dark Matter first started; we had six core crew members (plus The Android), each assigned a number, all of whom were as crucial to to show as one another. If someone had asked you back then what you thought the survival chances of that crew would be, several seasons down the line, you might have speculated that more than couple of them wouldn’t make it that far.

Many shows are prone to using core character deaths as surprising plot twists and an SF show with a huge cast might arguably be even more prone to make that move, more often. Conversely and commendably though, Mallozzi has very much kept our core crew intact along the way.

Over the two and bit seasons we’ve only lost one of that core six – One (certainly the most expendable and least adored of the bunch). There was a point where it nearly looked like we might lose six and of course we lost the wonderful Nyx in the Season 2 finale, but across the breadth of the narrative, the loss among the core six still remains at a firm tally of: one.

That shows a real reluctance on Mallozzi’s part to axe any of this core cast, which I think is an admirable trait and an intelligent move, given how entirely charming they come across in interviews and how effectively they perform on the show.

You could argue that the above implies that another core death is long overdue, but I would argue instead that it indicates that the rest of our core group are thoroughly safe and that Mallozzi doesn’t axe his core cast members lightly. Which means he might be loathe to get rid of Alex Mallari Jr so soon.

It all really comes down to how axe-able you feel Four is, as a character. I would argue that he is far more likeable and interesting than One was, so I think the odds are against him leaving anytime soon.

For: The red motif

As I mentioned in my breakdown of the poster, red seems the be the thematic colour of this season, both in the marketing material and in the wardrobe choices of certain characters (one of whom is Ryo).

Red is synonymous with anger, fury and of course, blood. So if you did want to read into the use of this colour, you could argue that it’s a signifier that someone’s death is approaching this season. And the best bet for that someone would be Ryo Ishida, given how many are gunning for him.

Against: The misunderstanding has already (almost) been uncovered

A lot of what sent Two and co on a vengeful mission to kill Ryo is that they thought he had killed Nyx, due to some very poor assumptive information from The Android.

At the end of the premiere though, this foolish assumption was thankfully uncovered by The Android when she spoke to Ryo face to face. The Android realised that she had been mistaken, so now all that’s left is for her to tell the other Raza crew members that Ryo didn’t in fact kill Nyx and perhaps Two and co will lay off on the bloodlust a little.

But remember: she first has to actively do that, before anything can change, and given her new human-like traits, she might choose to keep that secret and allow the crew to continue hunting down Ryo.

For: Two’s adept ability to avenge

Let’s assume for a moment that The Android doesn’t or isn’t able to tell Two that Ryo didn’t in fact kill Nyx. This leaves Two on her mission of murder. And if there’s one thing we know about Two it’s that when someone on her crew is killed she’ll do anything to see that murderer dead.

We know this because when Jace Corso killed One, back in Season 2, Two hunted down Jace and avenged One, giving Jace Corso a satisfying beat down in Episode 21. This means that Two always gets her mark, so if no one tells her that Ryo didn’t kill Nyx, I think she might just go all the way when it comes to avenging her friend.

For: We don’t need another sorry crew member

Remember when Six betrayed the Raza crew and how he continually apologises for it, almost to the point of annoyance? He even apologised in the Season 3 premiere too.

I think it would be a mistake to have Four return to his usual kind self, only to see him back on The Raza as another sad puppy who feels angry at himself for having betrayed his friends. That would mean we’d have two of them and I don’t think Mallozzi would leave us in that bucket of self-pity. I think it’s more likely that he will kill Four off.

Alex Mallari Jr having fun as Ryo on the set of Dark Matter Season 3.

For: The big bad always gets their comeuppance

Ryo is very clearly being portrayed as the big bad this season and few shows allow their core villain to get away unscathed. Most are given some kind of comeuppance before the season closes out. Often this is death by the hands of the show’s heroes, but sometimes incarceration or worse.

So I don’t think Ryo will come out of this season unpunished. Most likely, he will indeed die by the hands of our heroes (The Raza crew), and if he isn’t killed for some reason, then I think some wicked fate will befall him and I think part of him will feel that he deserves it.

Against: Someone else might kill him

One simple way around having our beloved crew kill a close friend would be to have a third party kill Ryo. This would remove him from the show and the state of play, but would free our characters of any guilt. They might even be sad about his death for a while, before eventually moving on, just as they did over One’s quick demise.

I would recommend watching out for Misaki for this. She proved herself to be cold-blooded when she killed Nyx and I think all it would take would be for her to feel that Ryo isn’t an adequate Emperor for the throne and she would happily assassinate him.

For/Against: Look out for casting news

After the Season 2 finale, Nyx’s fate was kind of spoiled by the fact that actress Melanie Liburd posted news of her securing a new role in a new TV show. No one can blame Liburd for wanting to share her exciting news, but this is generally a good way to find out whether a character has indeed died or not.

So if Alex Mallari Jr suddenly posts news of securing a new role in another show – and the more leading the role, the more damning the evidence is – then it would be sensible to take that as confirmation that Four will indeed die this season. This news won’t happen yet – it will be just after Ryo is seemingly killed, if it happens at all, so keep an eye out.

Equally, if no casing news arrives and we’re left with Roy’s death as a cliffhanger for the season, then the lack of news could be taken to imply that Mallari Jr will be sticking around. In this respect, this point can go for or against.

What are your views on the chances of our Raza crew murdering Ryo? Do you think Mallozzi will answer this much sooner than the end of the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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