Why you should be afraid of The New Mutants

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Last week viewers got a chilling first look at The New Mutants with a trailer highlighting the psychological horror that will permeate this X-verse storyline. Five young mutants with terrifying pasts and abilities are being held in a dark sanitorium against their will.

Comic geeks are excited for a fresh look at some of their favorite characters, who haven’t been ‘new’ since the eighties. But since most of The New Mutants have not been shown or have had only brief appearances in previous X-Men features, some people may not have a good sense of who the characters are and just how much danger lies ahead.

Never fear, The Nerd Recites is here to break down some background and the abilities of each of The New Mutants. Spoilers ahead, so continue at your peril.

Danielle Moonstar a.k.a. Mirage

Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt).

Dani is a Native American from the Cheyenne Nation with a power that will frame the plot of this thriller. Her burgeoning ability to trap others in a nightmarish illusion of their darkest fears is not yet within her control. She can also communicate with animals, and has some mystical powers.

The Demon Bear is an entity that seeks to possess Dani. As a manifestation of fear it haunts her and is responsible for her parents’ death. Afterwards, her grandfather sought help for Dani, to control her powers, but it is doubtful that she’s getting the kind of nurturing he had in mind at this facility. Dani is quite mature for her age after such a harrowing experience, and becomes a capable co-leader of the team in the comic.

Samuel Guthrie a.k.a. Cannonball

Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton).

Sam is the eldest of nearly a dozen children born to Kentucky farmers. After the death of his father Sam went to work in the same coal mine that killed him, to help his mother support his ten siblings. When he and a family friend were trapped in another collapse, his powers of near invulnerability and blasting propulsion manifested in order to escape certain death.

Since the theme of this thriller will center on fear, Sam may struggle with some residual claustrophobia after his ordeal in the mines. Sam has always felt a responsibility to care for others, which leads to him being co-leader of the team with Dani, and is sure to get him into some nail-biting trouble among this crowd.

Rahne Sinclair a.k.a. Wolfsbane

Rhayne Sinclair (Maisie Williams).

Scottish born Rahne is a lycanthrope with the ability to transform into a wolf. Her life before the sanitarium, in which the young mutants now find themselves, was a lonely one of trauma and abuse. The daughter of a prostitute and a priest, her mother died when she was born, and she was harshly raised to obey a strict moral code as her father tried to repent for his own sins.

When her powers manifested, Rahne was mistaken for a werewolf and a demon by her small religious community in the highlands, and driven out of town by an angry mob led by her own father. She feels especially awkward among her peers and struggles to relate to many of her teammates.

Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik

Illyana Rasputin (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Illyana may be one of the best known members of The New Mutants, since her older brother is the steel-skinned Russian strong man, Colossus. Illyana can create disc-shaped portals that allow her to travel to other places, times, and even dimensions. One dimension that Illyana has been known to frequent is the demonic plane of Limbo. All of the demons that inhabit Limbo are magical, and Illyana is something of a sorceress herself.

Limbo has a corrupting quality on human residents, which even the most wise and courageous of heart eventually succumb to, finally metamorphosing into a demonic entity themselves. The demon Belasco kidnapped Illyana and raised her as an apprentice in Limbo before her teleporting ability developed and she escaped, but he may still be after her.

Roberto da Costa a.k.a. Sunspot

Roberto da Costa (Henry Zaga).

Berto is from Brazil and is a living solar panel. His powers first developed during a football match when he became the victim of a brutal, racially motivated assault. While fighting his attackers, he transformed into a flaming black body of solar energy. Onlookers panicked and fled, only his girlfriend, Juliana, stuck by him. But Juliana was kidnapped shortly afterward, and a bullet that was ment for Berto during the rescue attempt, killed her instead.

At one point in the comic Roberto was injected with the same serum that helped create Cloak and Dagger, transforming him into a monster. The trailer has a brief shot of an I.V. bag swirling with an inky black liquid, so it’s possible that may happen here.

The New Mutants will be forced to face both their inner demons and real ones as they attempt to free themselves from this terrifying facility. But when your own genetic code is the ghost that haunts you, there can be no escape!

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Written by Bree Airy


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