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One of modern Science Fiction’s greatest achievements returns to our screens on Friday 9th June (and 12th June for the UK). It’s a show that we’ve always held dear to our hearts here at The Nerd Recites, so to say that I’m excited for Season 3 is a vast understatement.

We spoke to Joseph Mallozzi a while back about his five-season plan for the show. The arrival of this third season marks one more successful stepping stone towards that ambitious goal.

With only a little over a week to go until the double episode premiere, I lay out everything that you can expect from Season 3. This includes a host of great images, breaking down the trailer and highlighting what Mallozzi has revealed so far.

The poster

Alex Mallari Jr. and some other members of the cast posted this stunning new poster for Season 3 on their Instagram feed:

The brand new poster for Dark Matter Season 3.

The use of the colour red in the poster is incredibly striking because it’s not a colour that is generally used for the show. Blues and purples, set against black, are the usual colours for Dark Matter marketing material.

It’s this unusual and unexpected tonal choice that really makes this poster pop, marking it out as one of the very best TV posters for a new season that I’ve seen in a long while.

The significance of the colour red could also be debated. Most commonly, red is associated with blood or with fury, so it’s possible that this could be a sly nod to Season 3 containing elevated bloodshed or more strife than we’ve seen before. The show’s logo breaking apart could add further credence to this theory.

The attire of the characters in the poster could easily be applicable to any season of the show, except for Four, who very clearly wears his Emperor attire here (a red attire, just as Two and Five are also wearing red). This makes him stand out and for good reason, because is very clearly being presented as a primary villain for The Raza crew this season (see the trailer below).

If you observe the placement of the characters too, they are set out in the chronological order of their numbers: The Android (taking One’s place), Two, Three, Four, Five, Six. This likely doesn’t signify much, other than satisfying those, like myself, who have a predilection for order and neatness.

Episode stills

Mallozzi has released a variety of episode stills for the first part of the double premiere on his personal blog. Below you’ll find the best of those stills.

Season 3, Episode 1 – Being Better is So Much Harder

Three, dressed sharp and looking bloody, in the Season 3 premiere.

Seeing Three dressed in sharp attire isn’t something that we’re used to on this show; usually he’s more the rough and ready time. I’m loving this look, however, which shows that Lemke can pull off suave just as well as he pulls off messy.

Three “doing his best Jack Bauer”, as Mallozzi captioned it.

Mallozzi likened the above shot of Three to Jack Bauer, but to me it brings to mind James Bond instead. That classic opening title sequence where pond pivots to shoot the camera. That is, if Bond was casual enough to have half his shirt untucked, just as Three does here.

Five with Delaney Truffault, played by Torri Higginson, whom Mallozzi lauds for her acting ability.

The significance of the colour red is repeated here once more. This is the same red outfit that Five is wearing in the poster for Season 3. This shows that the colour choice was more than just a marketing ploy for the poster; it’s a colour that seems like it might act as a motif throughout the season.

Fan favourite character, The Android, sporting the same light outfit seen in the Season 3 poster.

It’s a little strange now seeing The Android in her monotone one-piece outfits, after we saw her more human wardrobe choices last season. Here she’s in a light, two-tone beige outfit.

Breaking down the trailer

On May 21st the full trailer for Season 3 was released by Mallozzi, which can be viewed below:

Rather than simply revelling in the excitement of the trailer, it’s important to break it down a little, to carefully observe what it’s telling us.

The ticking

Right from the beginning, there is a prominent and unrelenting ticking in the background. It keeps the beat of the trailer, like a metronome, but it also reminds me of the ticking of a clock, or more specifically of a timer on a bomb. Mark this up as another arrow in my theory quiver that this is going to be a bloody and explosive season.


“You don’t recognise who they are?” and the answer given to this seems to serve as reintroductions to our characters, likely devised for viewers who are new to the show. It also allows for some sly humour in the form of Three audibly drawing a line when they are described as “despicable.” Which is effective, because it reminds me how much I’ve missed Three and the show on the whole.

Familiar faces

Amidst the quick flashing scenes, we see a few familiar faces in the trailer. Near the start we see Jessica Sipos’ Tash. We also see a few scenes with Ellen Wong’s Misaki Han-Shireikan, who Mallozzi promised us would return.

Two fighting Four

Not only does Two state outright in the trailer that they should aim to kill four, but we see her fighting with Four briefly. Given Four’s new villainous status, this was predicable, but the voracity with which Two seems to be gunning for Four is surprising and exciting.

What Joseph Mallozzi has revealed

In this great little interview, Mallozzi revealed a few key facts about Season 3. He also regularly reveals information on his blog. Below I have highlighted the key points that Mallozzi has revealed so far about the new season.

They are block shooting

This is no real surprise and this is the tact that many TV shows take; block shooting a group of episodes together in order to effectively manage time and budgets.

Season 3, Episode 4 is a “coo coo bananas” episode

Even that one phrase – “coo coo bananas” – fills me with curiosity about what this episode might hold. The show does serious very well but it’s also a perfect canvas for comedy, so the idea of a potentially outright comedic episode is tantalising.

Mallozzi has said in the past that he wants to bring comedy back to Syfy, but when pressed as to whether Season 3 would be funnier, he stated that he feels Season 1 is the lightest in tone of them all, but again refers to Season 3 Episode 4 and how Anthony Lemke “tears it up.”

He also states that we get to see some great scenes with The Android. If you refer to the episode titles list below (and assume that the double premiere is counted as two different episodes), you will see that this episode is titled ‘All the Time in the World’.

This season will be 13 episodes in length

Again, no surprise here, but it’s always good news to hear that the show is retaining its episode order. When or if this episode count drops that often means a show is in dire straits or is on its final legs. So 13 episodes is positive news.

Season 3 picks up immediately after the Season 2 finale

Mallozzi states that the premiere takes place literally “on the heels” of the Season 2 finale, to the point where the cast couldn’t change their appearance too drastically over the hiatus. Mallozzi promises that we will find out who lives and who dies (referring to the escape pods that can be seen leaving the explosion).

There are two key new characters

Mallozzi has revealed a little about each of the two main new characters in Season 3. They are:

  • Solara Shockley (played by Ayisha Issa, who initially auditioned for Nyx) – a bodyguard for another character who ends up on the ship, butting heads with Three. Mallozzi says that he wrote this part especially for Issa, hoping that she’d nail the role.
  • Adrian Maro (played by Mishka Thebaud) – Tabor’s assistant, who attempts to take a step up in the world.

Our two new characters, played by Ayisha Issa and Mishka Thebaud.

There are other, smaller recurring characters too, such as Ash – a mercenary who will we’ll see several times throughout Season 3.

Season 3, Episode 10 will show where The Android came from and how she connects to Two

I love how Mallozzi isn’t scared to give away episode details even for content that we’re still miles away from. Mallozzi has stated that the plot for Episode 10 (Mallozzi misspeaks when he says “309” in the interview) will show us where The Android came from and what her connection to Two is, which Mallozzi says is surprising.

Season 3 will explore the aliens in more detail

This season we find out what the deal is with the aliens, how they are connected to the Dwarf Star and how that is connected to Two. Mallozzi stated that the aliens are something that will be developed over the five seasons (if we get them).

We know all of the episode titles for Season 3

In true Mallozzi style (holding nothing back) he has released all of the episode titles for Season 3. Some of which were apparently chosen by fans, with Mallozzi stating that he dislikes coming up with episode titles himself. Here’s the full list:

  • Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder
  • Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This
  • Episode 29: Welcome To The Revolution
  • Episode 30: All The Time In the World
  • Episode 31: Give It Up, Princess
  • Episode 32: One Last Card To Play
  • Episode 33: Wish I Could Believe You
  • Episode 34: Hot Chocolate
  • Episode 35: Isn’t That A Paradox?
  • Episode 36: Built, Not Born
  • Episode 37: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy
  • Episode 38: My Final Gift To You
  • Episode 39: Nowhere To Go

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The best part is that we only have a little over a week to go before the Season 3 double episode premiere hits. Check back with us on a weekly basis for regular reviews and features on Season 3.

Dark Matter Season 3 airs on June 9th for the US and June 12th for the UK.

Image credits: SyFy

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