We recount our first few hours of battling the Burning Legion in World of Warcraft’s newest expansion

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Late on Monday evening, Blizzard released its sixth expansion, Legion, to the World of Warcraft universe for the EU players. The first quest dropped at 11pm, and this article follows my adventure into the new lands of the Broken Isles, where the quest to reach level 110 begins. The story arc of this new expansion is the premise that Azeroth is not doing very well. Heroes are dead, leadership is collapsing, and the only hope for salvation lies in a set of mysterious artifacts no one’s seen for thousands of years. All of this is down to the return of the Burning Legion, led by the orc warlock Gul’dan. Azeroth finds itself on the brink of an invasion even larger than the War of the Ancients, which for those unaware, was very big. Be warned that I will be talking about the starter quests for my role as a Mage for Legion, so there may be some spoilers for those who are yet waiting to play.

The calm before the storm. Players dying to start their Legion adventure.

The calm before the storm. Players dying to start their Legion adventure.

Collecting the Artifact

Right at the start, I am whisked away on the mage city of Dalaran to the Broken Isles, where the grand scale of Legion monsters dwell. In order to deal with them, we are told about powerful artifacts that will aid us in our quest. This is the main weapon that players will use during their levelling to 110. My character is a Fire Mage, and I am sent to discover my artifact in the Hall of the Lich King, which turns out to be quite the struggle. As of writing this article, I have only been playing WoW for a week, so I was still learning how to properly use my mechanics to full effect. In terms of this starter quest, it was the first time I felt that I was being properly challenged on how skillful I was with my mage.

Ice everywhere, at least I could warm myself up with my fire.

Ice everywhere, at least I could warm myself up with my fire.

The start of the quest was to try kill a skeleton frost mage, who was pushing me back to the entrance of the hall with powerful gusts of wind. This was challenging with the icicles deciding to summon more skeleton looking creatures to hinder my progress through the hall. Eventually after strafing from side to side, I could get to the mini boss and show off my pyromancing and carry on my way through the depths of the ice palace. The next part was to knock down four ice walls that stood in my way, whilst circles of snow slowed me to a crawl and more icicle skeletons decide the want to try join in on the party. Getting rid of them is no problem, but I would be lying if I said they weren’t annoying. Getting through the walls leads me to a large circular room with a giant abyss in the middle, with more strong mob parties trying to prevent me to getting to my artifact.

Going back to my point about me still being a new player, soloing these monsters was proving very tricky, as I had to constantly sit after a small fight to eat up to gain my health back. Repeating this three times just to get the next stage was starting to batter me down. I made it through eventually, and I met the boss that would eventually give me my artifact. However, instead of getting straight into a fight, three waves of even stronger enemies are summoned to defeat me. I found myself spamming away at my mechanics, blinking back and forth across the room avoiding attacks and absorbing as much as I possibly could. The time in between each wave was not enough to get me back to full health, so I was using my ice block so much to try heal back up a little bit and spamming my absorb ability to try keep me alive through the waves. The last enemy was simply a tanky wolf that kept hitting me and I felt it was taking no damage from me at all, but I kept battering away at it, blinking and blocking away from it and letting my passives scratch away at it’s health. Eventually it dies, and the next room opens up to the final boss.

After a short explanation of the power within the artifact, tackling the final boss proved to be just as difficult. Using my mechanics on her at the start was allright, however when she got down to 50% health, a new monster emblazed in fire erupts in the centre of the room, and proves to be a worthy adversary. Again I have to blink away from it and absorb as much as I can, as standing around and blasting it with my fire spells is too slow for me to get a hit in before I am attacked from it. Help does come in from the quest NPC that is with me, and I kill her with a fury of fireblasts and meteor showers. Going through this quest definitely taught me more how to use my mage mechanics, because it was certainly the scariest, but most challenging experience I have had since installing WoW. Collecting the new artifact weapon as my reward definitely felt like I deserved it. After collecting the weapon, known as Felo’melorn, I gaze at its beauty before starting my quests out into the lands of the Broken Isles.

Exploring the Broken Isles

After getting through the quest, I am brought back to Dalaran, where I can choose the area of the Broken Isles I want to start questing in. I choose the northeastern land of Stormheim, where we are sent to the skyship to try invade the Legion infested land. Here is where I am met with the first buggy problem of the expansion, as I am sent to start the invasion on Stormheim and the assets for the ship were not loading for me, even after numerous reloads and suicides. The fix was that I had to abandon the quest and go back to Dalaran and start the invasion quest again, however this only became aware to me through a helpful player on trade chat, so for others this might have just meant a rage quit of the game or perhaps giving up on the area completely.

Surely all of us can defeat the invaders, right?

Come on man! We just want to go fight the bad guys already!

After resetting the quest, all is well, and we dive down to stop the legion commanders from attacking our ships. It is however all too much for our army, and our ships are sent crashing to the ground becoming part of the craggy landscape of Stormheim, and we are sent out to start our mission to start saving the world as we know it from the Burning Legion.

The ghosts will show us the way.

The ghosts will show us the way.

Overall, the start of Legion has been brilliant, as it has brought me more into the lore of WoW, which I did want to experience aswell as having fun questing against the enemy, as the pre-launch events of invasions and discovering the almighty power behind the Legion powerhouse just drew me in so well. I am trekking across the lands discovering new areas, new foes and friends, new items and powerful artifacts to equip to my new badass fire sword. The adventure to 110 will be a memorable one, and in terms of introducing a new player like me into the intimidating World of Warcraft universe, it does it with a warm and friendly way whilst giving you a dangerous and exciting story into this new danger that threatens Azeroth as we know it.

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