Warner Bros. Announces Batman: Return to Arkham for PS4 and Xbox One

By ·May 18, 2016 2:13 pm

Fans of the Batman: Arkham series will be pleased to learn that today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and DC Entertainment have announced Batman: Return to Arkham. This release will package together two of, perhaps, the greatest videogames released on the previous generation of consoles. Using Unreal Engine 4, the games have been remastered for both the PS4, and the XBox One. Not only will players be given the chance to relive the experience of the base games, this release will also be shipped with every DLC and Game of the Year bonuses. The games, remastered by Virtuos, will feature improved graphics, which include upgraded models, lighting, effects and shaders, and of course enviroments.


Batman hides in the shadows, stalking his prey.

Arkham Asylum, our first foray into this particular ‘Batverse’, sees players don the mantle of the Caped Crusader himself in a bid to take down the crazed Joker, and various members of Batman’s infamous Rogues Gallery. Players are treated to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure through the iconic Asylum, which features a brand new, original story; one which allows us to truly become the Dark Knight as we skulk through the shadows, and strike fear into the thugs and villains of Gotham City.

The outstanding follow-up installment; Arkham City, builds greatly upon the foundations laid down by Batman: Arkham Asylum, and involves a sinister plot, orchestrated by one of the biggest threats Batman, and Bruce Wayne’s life – Hugo Strange. Arkham Asylum has failed, the time has come for more drastic measures against the horrors of Gotham villainy. Arkham City is the answer – A maximum security “home” for any and all thugs, gangsters, and criminal masterminds. Batman must enter the facility, and surrounded by almost everyone he has ever taken down, discover just what exactly is planned for the prison, the inmates, and the future of Gotham City itself.

With the first installment released in 2009, the critically acclaimed Arkham Trilogy, developed by Rocksteady Studios, soon became recognised as the most exceptional Batman games to ever grace a gamer’s screen.

Batman: Return to Arkham will be released on PS4 and XBox One Friday, 29th July with an RRP of £39.99.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and DC Entertainment.

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