Warcraft: New trailer asks “Are you Horde or Alliance?”

By ·March 19, 2016 1:19 am

Once again we’re spoiled with another teaser trailer from Duncan Jones latest movie, Warcraft.

The trailer focuses on the endless warring of Azeroth’s two opposing factions, the Horde and the Alliance. We see the forces of Man face of against the various Orc clans, King LLane rallying his people in the streets of Stormwind, teleporting mages, a dwarfen gun smith and so much more.

Although ultimately the trailer is asking us a question, do you fight with the Horde or for the Alliance?

For players of World of Warcraft this question is the first choice you ever make about your character. It embodies who and what your character becomes, it is the basis of what they stand for and helps to form their beliefs, practices and traditions. It is such a quintessential question within Warcraft lore, that it makes complete sense we are being urged to pick a side for the Warcraft Movie.

So once again “Are you with the Horde or for Alliance?”

Personally I fight with the Horde but then again I’m biased after putting countless hours into levelling my Orc Warlock in World of Warcraft.

Whatever side you choose know that you do not need to have played the games to enjoy the film. The film is based around some of the earliest parts of the Warcraft lore as such in the chronological sense that the film predates the current World of Warcraft games. In other you’ll be able to jump right in without any previous knowledge of Warcraft and enjoy the film for what it is, much like most people have done with Deadpool.

Warcraft the Movie will be in cinemas June 3 in the UK and June 10 elsewhere.


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