Warcraft: Meet two of the most powerful mages in Azeroth as new character posters released

By ·April 12, 2016 12:45 am

Legendary Pictures have released two more character posters featuring the two of the most powerful mages in Azeroth, Medivh and Khadgar.

Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer): A rogue mage hungry for adventure, Khadgar uses his ever-growing powers to seek the truth behind the invasion of Azeroth.

Medivh (Ben Foster): As the all-powerful protector known as the Guardian, Medivh wields magic as a weapon during times of global crisis.

For those interested, it is Khadgar we have seen in previous trailers casting a teleportation spell on himself and Lothar (Travis Fimmel), you can view Khadgar at work here.

It was only last week that eight other character posters were released for the Warcraft movie featuring Llane, Durotan, Gul’dan and more bringing us to a total of 10 legendary shots of the main characters from Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie. The posters below appear in the same order as the descriptions above.

Warcraft the Movie will be in cinemas June 3 in the UK and June 10 elsewhere.



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