Warcraft: Legendary Comics are releasing a prequel graphic novel to accompany the movie

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Bonds of Brotherhood is an upcoming prequel graphic novel that will accompany the release of Duncan Jones’ Warcraft Movie this summer. The prequel will focus on three of the Alliance’s greatest hereos, Llane, Lothar and Medivh and will cover the events of Warcraft lore that forged them into the hereos we will be viewing on the big screens this summer.

The story of Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood comes from Chris Metzen, Blizzard’s SVP of Story and Franchise Development, and will be set decades before the events of the film. If you’re new to the Warcraft universe this will make for a good primer for the main characters of the film, if like me you’re no Warcraft novice this graphic novel will expand on the already rich and vast lore that Warcraft has to offer.

You can find the offical details below along with an IGN exclusive image of Kevin Tong’s cover for Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood, we’ve also included a preview panel from the graphic novel that was released last year. The graphic novel is released just 3 days before the film, so get ready to cram when it’s available.

Story by: Chris Metzen

Written by: Paul Cornell

Art by: Mat Broome, Michael O’Hare, Eddie Nunez, Roy Allan Martinez, Ale Garza, Mike Bowden

Cover Artist: Kevin Tong

Details: 112 page hardcover graphic novel, $24.99

Release date: June 7th


“Discover how three of Azeroth’s greatest champions forged their first alliance, in the official graphic prequel to the Warcaft movie from Legendary, Universal Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.

In a fantasy action epic set decades before the film, the young and headstrong Llane, Lothar, and Medivh embark on a mission of vengeance that will forge them into heroes… the kind of heroes Azeroth will need in its darkest hour.”



Source: IGN

Image Credits: Legendary Comics

Written by Michael James Ilett


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