Upcoming 2017 TV shows that we’re excited about

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With the year closing out and many great shows ending or going on mid-season hiatus, we cast our gaze forwards at the shows that we’re most gleeful to see arrive in 2017.

We’ve included brand new shows, shows returning for new seasons or their B seasons and shows long ended that are now being revived for new seasons.

Please be aware that we do discuss the promos and trailers for upcoming episodes of these shows, so some spoilers are touched upon.

New shows

Riverdale (26 January 2017, The CW)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

The four main cast members of The CW’s Riverdale.

This is the new show that we’re looking forward to the most. The Archie comics are finally getting the on screen adaptation that they deserve. We’re all for darkening up source material and with Riverdale The CW have done just that, choosing to insert a Twin Peaks-style horror element into the Archie mythos.

We’ve recently become big fans of the 2015 New Riverdale Archie comics, which itself is a modernised interpretation of Archie, so we have an idea of what to expect from this show and the casting choices, in our book, are pitch perfect. We’re dying to see the result and we will be covering Riverdale on a weekly basis from the pilot onwards.

MORE: The CW release an extended trailer for Riverdale

American Gods (early 2017, Starz)

Ricky Whittle in the lead role as Shadow Moon.

When news that Bryan Fuller would be adapting Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods struck, we went out and read the book immediately, to get up to speed on what to expect from the show. Since then we’ve been awaiting this dark little show eagerly.

The casting is spot on; we can tell that Whittle will embody Shadow superbly, who better to cast as Mr. Wednesday than Ian McShane himself, and Gillian Anderson appearing as the God Media is tantalising. Even little casting choices like Emily Browning as Laura Moon we can see really working. Fuller will no doubt bring the same polished, dark, intellectual acuity to the show that he brought to Hannibal and the end result could be as brilliant.

Star Trek: Discovery (May 2017, CBS)

The official logo and title font for Star Trek: Discovery.

This was another show that was to have Bryan Fuller at the helm, but he has since dropped out of the project (we always wondered how he could possibly be manage this and American Gods at the same time). With the films having taken priority over recent years, this will be the first brand new TV Star Trek venture in a long while.

Star Trek began and is best known for being a sequence of original and varied TV series, so this return to its grass roots is an exciting prospect, as is the female-focus of the show, with The Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green playing the lead role as Rainsford – a Lieutenant Commander aboard the U.S.S. Discovery.

The Handmaid’s Tale (26 April 2017, Hulu)

Elisabeth Moss as Offred in Hulu’s adaption of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

We’re big fans of SF literature and Margaret Atwood has always been a highly respected author in the field. Whenever people have come to us and implored us to read her work, they always tell us to read The Handmaid’s Tale. We’ve never found the time to get around to reading it, in all honesty, but with Hulu’s adaptation on the horizon, we might finally make the effort to pick up the book before the show arrives.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian tale of speculative fiction with a prime focus on the subjugation of women, in which a near-future New England have overthrown the United States government. It won the first ever Arthur C. Clarke award back in 1987 and it has never once gone out of print since it was first published. It is undeniably a true classic of SF and we’re always pro classic SF being adapted for the screen. The show stars Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss in the lead, who we’ve always found to be a very capable actress.


Revived shows

Twin Peaks (first half of 2017, Showtime)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

In the recent teaser for Twin Peaks’ new season, the Twin Peaks sign is put into place by the film crew and unveiled.

Twin Peaks is not only David Lynch’s best work, but it’s also one of the most influential shows of all time. We mentioned above that Riverdale is taking heavy influence from it (including using Madchen Amick in their cast) and it was the first show that truly showed how TV could be something exceptional.

The show’s fan base remains strong to this day so we can see why there’s room for a revival. We only hope that it fares better than The X-Files revival did on the whole and that Lynch and co do the original show justice. It’s a difficult line to walk, as the actors are aged now and nothing will rival the Laura Palmer narrative, but being big Twin Peaks fans ourselves, we’ve been highly anticipating its return for what feels like forever now and we can’t wait for it to finally arrive.

Prison Break (Spring 2017, FOX)

Prison Break will return for its fifth season, with its familiar core cast, in 2017.

Currently titled ‘Prison Break: Sequel’ on IMDB, which is no doubt a working title, this fifth season was actually spawned by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who are great friends in real life. Purcell suggested a reboot of the series to Miller and agreed, pitched the idea to Fox, who picked it up.

When we left the show in the film that was designed to wrap the show up, Michael was dead, but going by the trailer for the new series (below) it looks like the show is undoing that death by claiming that Michael never died at all. It’s arguably a way of trampling all over the effectively bleak conclusion that we were given and when a show is wrapped up intentionally you could argue it should stay wrapped up, but we enjoyed the show when it aired (as well as Miller and Purcell’s inclusion in Legends of Tomorrow), so we’re game to give the reboot a go. Although Miller is out of Legends of Tomorrow, Purcell is still in the show, so this reboot does make us worry a little for the fate of Mick in that show.


Returning shows – new seasons

The Leftovers Season 3 (April 2017, HBO)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

After first beginning again in Texas, Season 3 will see the Garveys move to Australia.

The Leftovers is one of our favourite shows of all time and we’re thrilled to see the show given an opportunity to wrap things up with a third and final season. Just like Season 1 and Season 2, we know Season 3 will be brilliant, breathtaking and almost unbearably genius in its narrative choices.

Damon Lindelof stated long ago that we will never be provided with the answer for where the departed went, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get answers of some kind and we can’t see to see those delivered, in true Lindelof-fashion. Season 3 will see the Garveys living in Australia, which Season 2 hinted at as being the key to unearthing the mysteries of the the show.

Fargo Season 3 (April 2017, FX)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

Fargo Season 3 will be set in 2010 – four years after the events of Season 1.

It took us a while to get around to catching up with Fargo Season 2. The first few episodes of the show’s second season we found a tad difficult to get into, but that changed very quickly once we ploughed a little deeper into the season. We particularly loved the alien component of Season 2 and how that played into the narrative towards the end of the season.

Season 3 will continue the trend of beginning at a new point in time, but this time the show will be set four years after the events of Season 1. One character is said to be returning for definite and it’s been stated that more may be added to along the way. Each season this show crafts a refined and alluring story, and one always falls into the same tone and style of the Coen Brothers’ original film. We can’t wait to see what Season 3 brings.

Season 3 does not have an official teaser trailer at the time of writing.

Better Call Saul Season 3 (February 2017, AMC)

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill (Saul Goodman).

Better Call Saul is a show that we look forward to weekly, when its airing. Very different and arguably even more refined than Breaking Bad was, in some ways, its intelligently engineered and a masterclass in writing and acting. Season 2 arguably outdid Season 1, with its adept focus on Kim Wexler and the way in which it culminated with that key moment where Jimmy’s games pushed his brother Chuck over the edge and put him in hospital.

In Season 3 we will return to seeing Jimmy as Gene the Cinnabon Manager in the black and white post-Breaking Bad future. We will also see Jimmy’s brother Chuck as his condition spirals deeper. It’s always riveting, deeply honest and daringly bold television.

Season 3 has several different teasers, on of which can be viewed below.

Game of Thrones Season 7 (Summer 2017, HBO)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

The end of Season 6 saw Daenerys finally sailing a fleet across the seas towards Westeros.

While this show aggravates us far more often than it pleases us, last season actually proved to be of much stronger quality than we thought it would be, given that this was the first time that the show (for the most part) surpassed the books and created its own content.

Among other things, last season actually executed what we’ve long been waiting for, which was Daenerys finally crossing the seas to journey to Westeros. We also like that Season 7 will only be 7 episodes, because this improves the chance of refinement and lessens the chance of filler content. The following season – Season 8 (which will be somewhere between 6 and 8 episodes in length) – will also be the final season of the show. As previously exhibited by show’s like LOST and Breaking Bad, setting an end date is a good thing, as it allows not only an end to be guaranteed, but also for the writers to begins making steps towards that chosen endgame.

Because Winter has finally arrived on the show, this means that the creators had to begin production later than usual (September 2016 this time) and as a consequence the airing of the show has been pushed back from its usual April slot to an unspecified month in the Summer.

The Magicians Season 2 (25th January 2017, SyFy)

SyFy’s The Magicians proved its quality and uniqueness in its first season.

We loved Season 1 of SyFy’s The Magicians. Based on the popular books, it’s a unique, dark and quirky little show, with a great cast. A lot of its strength comes from this diverse and memorable cast, in our view, but its narrative is also commendably scary at times, as well as charmingly intricate and fantastical.

The trailer for Season 2 makes it appear as tough we’re in for even more Fillory this time around. It seems like the writers intend to flesh out that world and its mythology a lot and we’re all for it.

Adventure Time: Islands (30th January 2017, Cartoon Network)

The poster for Adventure Time’s mini-series Islands.

Adventure Time episodes and seasons are pumped out faster than we can keep up, but we always make the effort to do so, because the show is always endlessly brilliant. The last time the show did a mini-series was the Marceline run called Stakes, which was excellent, so the prospect of another mini-series is tantalising indeed.

It’s a good thing that Finn no longer fears the ocean, because this is not just any typical Adventure Time plot. The mini-series will see Finn, Jake, BMO and Susan Strong leave Ooo to travel across the ocean to solve the mystery of Finn’s past. During their quest they discover secrets, creatures (sea monsters here we come) and new friends, as the explore a variety of new islands.


Returning shows – B seasons

Lucifer Season 2B (16th Janaury 2017, FOX)

Maze remains among the show’s trove of brilliant characters.

Lucifer has always been excellent, but Season 2 has really impressed us so far. From the introduction of Lucifer’s mother Charlotte (the superbly cast Tricia Helfer) to Linda finally learning the entire truth about Lucifer, Season 2 is hitting all the marks for us, including executing some excellent comedy and endearing pair-ups (Linda and Mazikeen for one).

Season 2B will see Charlotte manipulate Chloe, as well her implying that there is something unique and special about Chloe. We’re certain that the show will continue to keep up its A game in this back half of Season 2.

The Walking Dead Season 7B (12th February 2017, AMC)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

Khary Payton as King Ezekiel in Season 7A.

Season 7A had its ups and downs, and although we have issues with the show, we still love it on the whole and all of the Negan-goodness that this season is providing. We read The Walking Dead comics avidly, so trust us when we say there’s a lot more to come with Negan vs Rick and co. In the comics the arc is titled ‘All Out War’, which should give you an idea of the epic nature of this feud. We don’t know how quickly the show will tackle that, but given how Season 7A ended, it looks to be sooner rather than later.

For those who still haven’t got around to reading the comics, we suggest that you use this hiatus to catch up, so that you’re fully prepped for Season 7B.

Supergirl Season 2B (16th January 2017, The CW)

To be reviewed by The Nerd Recites on a weekly basis

Supergirl Season 2B will begin with the Kevin Smith-directed episode ‘Supergirl Lives’.

Of all four of The CW DC superhero shows, Supergirl is the one that we enjoy the moment. In its currently state of play, it’s definitely the best of the four in our view. The Flash has been very shaky this season (even if it did redeem itself a little with its crossover episode), Arrow has been of low quality since Season 3 ended and Legends of Tommorow is doing great, but is lacking more Justice Society of America, as well as a true big bad for this season.

When Supergirl returns, the premiering episode will be ‘Supergirl Lives’, which is directed by Kevin Smith. We highly anticipate Smith episodes and this is the first time that he’s worked on Supergirl, so we’re excited to see the result. Add to that more Alex and Maggie and it’s the DC show that we’re the most eager to have back on our screens.

‘Supergirl Lives’ does not have an official teaser trailer at the time of writing.

Supernatural Season 12B (26th January 2017, The CW)

Mary Winchester is back from the dead in Season 12, but has a harder time finding her place in the modern world.

Season 12 hasn’t blown us away as much as Season 11 did (honestly, we adored that season to a degree that we never thought we would again for this show), but it has been inventive, wild and daring. From Lucifer inhabiting Vince Vincente (none other than Rick Springfield) to inhabiting the President of the United States himself, this season has had some insane Lucifer arcs, as well as some intriguing British Men of Letters moments. Add to this Mary Winchester being back and Dean’s angst over her deciding to part ways with them and it’s been a good A season.

The promo for the B seasons shows Sam and Dean incarcerated in “one of those places that doesn’t exist”, which means an off the charts prison. It seems like a very different turn and a unique setting for the show, so we’re interested to see how this plays out.

Frequency Season 1B (4th January 2017, The CW)

Peyton List – no stranger to SF TV – in the lead role as Raimy Sullivan.

This is the best show that we’ve discovered on Netflix since Stranger Things. It’s also one of those shows that Netflix releases weekly, rather than all at once, so there’s anticipating in waiting for each episode. Peyton List has been in a lot of SF shows prior to this, so it’s about time that she got herself a leading role. Riley Smith is who really makes the show, though, as Raimy’s father (who exists only in Raimy’s past, but who she communicates with via a shared radio) Frank.

We’re a couple of episodes behind but we’re still eager to see what the B season has in store for this superb little SF adaptation of the 2000 Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel film.

Hopefully our extensive list highlighted some forthcoming prospective gems that you weren’t previously aware of and has made you excited for the arrival of 2017 TV.

Let us know in the comment section below which shows you are most eager to see arrive.

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