Total War: Warhammer – Vampire Counts announced as fourth and final playable army

By ·March 15, 2016 12:38 pm

The Vampire Counts are announced as the final playable army for Total War: Warhammer. Vampire Counts join the Greenskins (orcs and goblins), Dwarfs and Empire (humans) as the fourth playable race available in the game.

It is said the Vampire Counts are masters of the dark arts. Their skill and mastery of necromancy and the Death magics ensures those that fall before them do not remain fallen for long.

A brief blurb of the Vampire Counts from Creative Assembly:

All tremble before the Midnight Aristocracy! Led by Mannfred von Carstein, chief acolyte of necromantic magic and the Vampire Counts’ most cunning son, battalions of age-dead soldiers march forth to claim the Old World in the name of the undead. Moldering legions of Grave Guard, Skeletons, colossal aberrations and bat-winged beasts lay siege to gigantic Dwarfen citadels whilst Mannfred himself prowls the skies on his ferocious Zombie Dragon

With the release of this final playable race we’re treated to an in-engine trailer of the Vampire Counts at work:

Total War: Warhammer combines turn-based game play with explosive real-time battles, all set in the vivid and lore rich world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles (seriously pick up a Black Library book and be amazed).

Total War: Warhammer is due for release May 24th and can be pre-ordered on steam now. available now to pre-order.

Image Credit: Creative Assembly

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