Top ten DC comics characters we’d like to see in the DCEU

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Warner Bros. DCEU has yet to really delve into the rich history of the superheroes they have to offer. In contrast to Marvel, as we found out with our similar article on the MCU, they’ve gobbled up a great deal of characters and IP’s at their disposal.

With that being said, the DCEU still has many interesting heroes and villains at their fingertips, and if done right could blow audiences away with their debuts on the big screen. So far, we’ve seen a reliance on the “the big three” of DC – Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman – but with Justice League it appears Warner Bros. is ready for a big expansion for the DCEU.

Keeping that in mind we’ve gone for some of the more off the wall characters for this list, so while we recognize that yes Dick Grayson should at some point be in the DCEU, it’s obvious enough that he doesn’t need to be on the list. Here is our list for the top ten DC comics characters we’d love to see in the DCEU.

10] Lobo   

Lobo on the cover of Lobo Unbound #1.

Who he is: First introduced as a villain in the 80s, Lobo is an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter who has become an anti–hero in recent years. Hailing from the planet Czarnia, lobo possesses superhuman sense like strength, speed, stamina, and an exaggerated healing factor.

Where we could see him: Batgirl. The current DCEU might not seem like a good fit for The Main Man Lobo, but Joss Whedon’s Batgirl could make for an interesting choice. As a villain and anti–hero Lobo has fought Batman many times, and has appeared in Young Justice fighting Batgirl as well. A mission that sees him encounter Batgirl in Gotham as a villain could provide his turn to anti–hero and bring him into the larger DCEU fold as well.

9] Plastic Man

Plastic Man showing off his powers.

Who he is: Plastic Man is Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, an orphan who fell into a life of crime at an early age. As an adult he became a member of a group of burglars primarily working as a safecracker for the team. One night during a late–night break in at a chemical company, O’Brian and his men are discovered by a security guard, and during their escape Patrick is shot in the shoulder and drenched in a mysterious liquid.

Patrick would later be hid from the police by monks who rescued him and tended to his wounds and, during his stay at the monastery, learned that the liquid he had been covered in had entered his bloodstream giving him his powers and the ability to contort and mold himself into every shape imaginable. This experience led him to leave his life of crime behind, and to fight criminals as the new hero Plastic Man.

Where we could see him: A Plastic Man TV show. DC is launching their own focused streaming service very soon, and along with Titans and Young Justice, a Plastic Man television show would be both a unique and tentpole show. Plastic Man has always served as a sort of comic relief in the DCU, and tv writers still haven’t gotten superhero comedy down pat just yet, but I think Plastic Man could change that in a big way.

8] Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate, faithful servant of Nabu.

Who he is: A powerful sorcerer and mentor of Nabu the ancient Lord of Order, Doctor Fate is given his powers to fight in the never ending battle against the Lords of Chaos. In current continuity his powers stem from the Helmet of Fate, bestowed by Nabu, that given the wearer many mystical powers including astral projection, dimensional travel, invisibility and other various mystical powers.

Where we could see him: A Doctor Fate solo film. With the recent news out of DC that they are focusing on solo films first, a potential Doctor Fate film could be a good introduction for the majority of comic film fans for the character.

He may be a lesser known hero in the grand scheme of things, but the Chaos v Order struggle is easy enough to grasp, and his introduction could provide the spark for Justice Society of America, as he was a founding member of the team.

7] Jason Todd (Red Hood)

Jason Todd as Red Hood in DC’s Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Who he is: The second Robin after Dick Grayson, Jason Todd is brutally murdered by the Joker and then reborn as the anti-hero Red Hood. Unlike Batman and the Robins, Red Hood prefers to use lethal means against his foes which, in combination with the training he received by Batman makes for a dangerous combination.

He also leads a small team of superheroes dubbed “the Outlaws” which has included Starfire, Artemis, Bizzarro, and Arsenal at various times.

Where we could see him: The Batman. Warner Bros. have already confirmed that Jason Todd’s robin has been murdered by the Joker by the time we see Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman. We also know that co-writer Geoff Johns planned to include several villains in the solo Batman film in an effort to create a massive universe for the Dark Knight, and a villain gone good in the form of Red Hood would help set that up in spades.

6] Glorious Godfrey

Glorious Godfrey, aka G. Gordon Godfrey, as voiced by Tim Curry in Young Justice.

Who he is: Glorious Godfrey is an agent of Darkseid. Often portrayed as a media personality, Godfrey is charged with the task of making humanity submit to the anti-life equation.

Given the magnifying glass the media is under in the modern world, Godfrey seems like a perfect and relevant choice to usher in a possible Darkseid invasion.

Where we could see him: Man of Steel 2. Superman was the beginning point of the DCEU and should be the catalyst for the big bads of the universe to take Earth down. Godfrey being a media personality could also lend well to the Daily Planet subplots in the Superman mythos. He definitely wouldn’t be a main villain in this context, but his arrival and subsequent mischief-making could make the inevitable Darkseid encounter all the more amazing.

5] John Stewart

My name is John Stewart. I’m an architect by trade – and a defender of the universe by appointment.

Who he is: John Stewart has the distinction of being the first African-American superhero, and recently has ascended to leader of the Green Lantern Corps. A former U.S. Marine, John Stewart was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe initially provide backup for Hal Jordan, though he would later take the mantle full-time in the 1980s.

Since then Stewart has taken leadership of the corps through some of its most turbulent times, and has cemented his place as one of the most beloved heroes in the DCU.

Where we could see him: A Green Lantern Corps film. The Green Lanterns are the foundation of the cosmic side of the DC universe, and the DCEU should be no exception. Bringing the Lanterns to the fold would expand the DCEU’s horizons and would be the front line of defense for the more menacing villains of the DCU.

4] Zatanna

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for magic!

Who she is: Zatanna is the daughter of famed magician Giovanni Zatara, and is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the DC universe. Though her powers have never been clearly defined, she has used her abilities to cast spells that allow her to heal injuries, manipulate minds, command elemental forces, and using energy blasts against her foes.

She is also well known for her partnerships with DC’s other magical users such as Doctor Fate, Constantine, and Enchantress.

Where we could see her: Justice League Dark. Often tackling the villains the main JL team is not equipped to deal with, Justice League Dark is a team mostly consisting of the magic users of the DCU. Headed up by Constantine and later Zatanna, the JLD could be a superb addition for the weirder side of the DCEU.

3] Swamp Thing

Alec Holland is dead…and in his place stands only a…SWAMP THING!

Who he is: Swamp Thing has had many incarnations over time, but the most popular version, written by Alan Moore of Watchmen fame, is an elemental being who absorbs Dr. Alec Holland’s memories and personalities on his death in a swamp. Describing him as “a plant that thought it was Alec Holland, a plant that was trying its level best to be Alec Holland”, Moore’s popular reinvention of the character is still used today.

Where we could see him: A solo Swamp Thing film. One of the better aspects of the MCU is the ability to adapt the type of film to the title character, whether it be a war movie with Captain America: The First Avenger or incorporating the eastern mystical aspects of Doctor Strange.

A solo horror film in the vein of Wes Craven’s 1982 Swamp Thing set in the same universe would be a great addition to the DCEU – and it could serve as the introduction of Constantine, Zatanna other magical heroes in the shared universe.

2] Booster Gold

I am Booster Gold, the greatest hero you’ve never heard of… till now!

Who he is: Born Michael Carter in the 25th century, Booster Gold started his life as a poor kid from Gotham City. Michael was a gifted high-school athlete but became mixed up in gambling when his father pressured him into throwing games. After being caught and expelled from high high school, Carter takes a job at the Metropolis Space Museum, a museum dedicated to 20th century crime fighters.

Booster later steals various items from the museum including his power suit (where he derives his powers) and a time sphere, which allows him to travel back in time to the 20th century where he had dreams of becoming wealthy and famous.

Where we could see him: A Justice League International film. As Warner Bros. moves into the second phase of the DCEU with the release of Justice League, an expanded roster of heroes is sure to come, and what better way to cement that than with an expanded or even secondary League team.

1] Darkseid

Darkseid ruling over Apokolips.

Who he is: Ruling the hellish world of Apokolips with an iron fist, Darkseid is the big bad of the DC universe. Originally appearing in Jack Kirby’s fantastic Fourth World books, Apokolips began as an allegory for Hell with Darkseid at its helm.

Darkseid has since become one of Superman and the entire Justice League’s most dangerous foes in his quest for the anti-life equation which he hopes will put an end to free will in the multiverse.

He was also the inspiration for Thanos, so he has that going for him too.

Where we could see him: Justice League 2. Darkseid is simply too big of a villain to be taken down in a solo film. With Steppenwolf (himself a servant and the uncle of Darkseid) showing up in the upcoming JL film, it seems appropriate that Darkseid show up in the second adaptation.


That’s all, folks! Tell us below what you thought of our list! And don’t forget to check out our similar Marvel top ten.

Written by Alex Wedderien


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