Tom Hardy cast in the lead role for Sony’s upcoming Venom film

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Sony Pictures recently announced plans to do a standalone Venom film, which is expected to be the first in a series of Spider-Man related films that will make up a cinematic universe featuring characters from the Spider-Man comics. Today it was announced that actor Tom Hardy (The Revenant, Taboo, Mad Max Fury Road) has landed the leading role as Eddie Brock, and that director Ruben Fleischer (Zombiland) will helm the film. The character was created by comic writer David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mike Zeck, and the film is to be produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach from a screenplay written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner.

Venom, an alien Symbiote that needs a human host to survive, was initially introduced into the comic books as a supervillain, but later became more of an anti-hero. Plot details remain unknown at this time, so which direction the studio will take with the film remains to be seen.

Sony shared the news via twitter with an image of Hardy donning a Venom shirt (below) with the following caption:

Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock in , the upcoming film from Sony’s Marvel Universe releasing October 5, 2018 – production starts this fall.

Hardy, who is said to be a Venom fan, is no stranger to the superhero genre, as he previously portrayed Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Landing the role as Eddie Brock switches him from the DC side of comic films to Marvel. The character was previously portrayed by Topher Grace in Spider-Man: 3, directed by Sam Rami. Though the film was a box office success, it was not very well received by fans or critics, and Sony later rebooted the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man. This summer sees the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, a collaboration with Marvel Studios, and will be the third reboot for the franchise. Venom will follow, as well as at least one sequel to Homecoming, and Silver Sable/Black Cat are among the other projects in development. Marvel Studios are not involved with Venom, giving Sony freedom to do as they wish without concern for how it will fit into a larger continuity. Though this may cause concern among fans, it could allow the studio to take a darker tone with the film if they so choose, which would be fitting for the character.

H/T: Sony, THR

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