Three new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 LEGO play sets have been released

By ·March 1, 2017 9:00 am

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s new trailer, you’ll now be able to pick up three brand new Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO Sets. The new LEGO Super Heroes sets will (presumably) recreate scenes from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 film and include a host of new minifigures based on the new characters.

Without a doubt, there’s going to be a lot of noise about the new Baby Groot figure. I personally feel the new figure is going to split opinion, some people are going to adore the brand new tiny toddler-esque sculpt, while others (myself included) find it in poor design and overt simplicity.

Nevertheless we also have wonderful new minifigures for Yondu, Taserface, Mantis and Ayesha, so it’s not all bad. Below you can find images and information on the three new sets.

Ravager Attack (76079) – RRP £19.99

Stage a forest face-off between Taserface in his M-ship, featuring four stud shooters and a minifigure cockpit, and Rocket and Mantis, who are hiding in the forest setting featuring a buildable tree with branch elements. Help the two Guardians of the Galaxy build the six-stud shooter, then fire at the approaching M-ship and work as a team to fend off the Ravagers. Includes three minifigures: Mantis, Rocket and Taserface.


Ayesha’s Revenge (76080) – RRP £29.99

Stage a cosmic battle with this action-packed Guardians of the Galaxy set featuring Ayesha’s Golden Drone spaceship with two stud shooters, and Yondu’s Laser Drill spaceship with a spring-loaded missile, sliding minifigure cockpit and opening side panels. Includes three minifigures: Yondu, Star-Lord and Ayesha, plus a Groot figure with Ravager decoration.


The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081) – RRP £44.99

Get set for an epic space battle as Star-Lord and his unlikely allies take on the Abilisk, featuring the Milano spaceship with two stud shooters, bomb-drop function, movable wings and an opening four-minifigure cockpit. The Abilisk monster features moving tentacles and an opening mouth to role-play a daring rescue mission. Includes four minifigures: Star-Lord, Gamora, Nebula and Drax, plus a baby Groot figure.

Will you be purchasing any of the new Guardians sets? I’ve definitely got my eye on that Ravager Attack set.

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Image Credits: The LEGO Group 2017

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