This Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle is the strangest thing you’ll ever see…

By ·October 31, 2017 11:48 am

Looking for unique collectibles to show your love of Stranger Things and turn your home upside down?, the homeware and lifestyle retailer for people with imagination, has launched the Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle.

The Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle is easily the strangest thing that Firebox has ever created. Simply melt the red candle inside this hilariously over-sized ceramic bust, and ‘blood’ will trickle out of her nostrils – just like she’s overexerted herself during a psychokinetic episode.

This giant ornament comes with two red candles and even comes with a handy ‘nose picker’ tool in case she gets a blockage. Light it up to help keep the Demogorgons at bay.

Sarah Kabunga, Buyer at, said, “After a series of harrowing experiments in a shady forest laboratory, we have finally managed to make this decorative ornament bleed from the nose. We had also created The Barb Candle, but that one has…mysteriously disappeared.”

Sarah added, “Firebox exists to give people a more exciting alternative to what is already out there in the homeware and lifestyle category. We’re all about creating new, exciting products that our customers won’t have seen elsewhere by working with like-minded, independent designers to bring our ideas to life.

Product Features:

    • El-luminate your living space
    • Bleeds out of both nostrils as you melt the candle
    • Comes with 2 red candles
    • Includes a handy tool to remove nasal blockages
    • Made from smooth white ceramic

The Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle is available to pre-order exclusively at for £29.99 / $39.49.

Image credit: Firebox

Written by Jennifer Izykowski

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