The Walking Dead – Six seasons. Four minutes. One British comedy legend.

By ·October 18, 2016 12:48 pm

With only a week until The Walking Dead returns for Season 7, fans are desperate to know what happens next. But can they remember everything that’s happened so far? NOW TV has enlisted the help of British comedy legend, John Cleese, to ensure they’re up to speed.

Since the first episode aired in 2010, the hit post-apocalyptic show has served up countless deaths – 252 to be precise – plus an insane amount of plot twists and severed limbs. 83 rollercoaster episodes later and fans are still hooked, so Cleese has stepped in to give them a reminder of the most important storylines.

With just three minutes to cover over 70 hours of Walker action, there’s a lot to get through, from meeting Rick, “who’s essentially Clint Eastwood, but a bit more…sensitive,” to discovering the town of Woodbury, “One star: TripAdvisor,” and reliving numerous zombie, “Lesson one – zombies are not called zombies,” or should we say Walker attacks.

John Cleese said: “I can’t get enough of The Walking Dead. The beautiful scenery, the emotional depths of the characters, and most of all, the gentle sprinkling of horrific barbarism. Hopefully fans will think the video is dead funny, and if not, I might just have to introduce them to Lucille personally.”

The gripping Season 6 finale ended on a nail-biting cliff-hanger, with Negan deciding which of the eleven characters should meet a timely death at the hands of Lucille. With so much speculation and debate around who it will be, NOW TV is asking fans to share who they’re hoping will survive in order to win Walker-inspired prizes; just follow the hashtag #SaveThemNOW on both Twitter and Facebook to join in.

The Walking Dead comes alive contract free with the NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass for just £6.99 per month. Fans can tune in and watch the premiere of Season 7 on Monday 24th October at 9pm on FOX or gorge on the complete Seasons 1-6 Box Set now.

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