The Walking Dead season 7 Comic-Con trailer

By ·July 22, 2016 9:25 pm

AMC’S The Walking Dead have unveiled the first footage from season 7 at their Comic-Con panel today. After leaving us with the most shocking cliffhanger to date during the season 6 finale titled “The Last Day on Earth”, viewers will finally learn which of the characters will meet their fate at the hands of Negan and his barbed wire adorned baseball bat, Lucille. Our editorial team recently weighed in on who we think Negan’s victim will be

“The Saviors, as sadistic as they may appear, they have a system that works for them,” executive producer Greg Nicotero told EW. “Yeah, they’re f—ed up and they’re a little weird, but they’ve been doing this for a long time and they have a very large group. It’s not like it’s a pocket of 10 or 12 people. They have a good thing going and the most interesting thing about them for me is there’s mythos involved with them. It’s like, you hear about this guy Negan, just like you hear about this guy Rick, and you hear about these people. There’s a lot of that involved in season 7.”

View the official trailer below:

The first half of the trailer teases who Negan’s victim could be, showing a montage of past moments from all the characters in the lineup. The second half reveals a New World Order under Negan’s rule, and introduces fan favorite comic character King Ezekiel (played by Khary Payton) and his pet tiger Shiva, who rule over another community known in the comics as The Kingdom. What do you think of the new footage? Let us know in the comments section below!

Find out the group’s fate when The Walking Dead returns October 23rd on AMC and internationally on FOX.

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