The Walking Dead mid-season finale will be a long episode

By ·November 9, 2017 5:23 pm

The Walking Dead is no stranger to dabbling in the odd lengthy episode and it’s been confirmed that the mid-season finale (Season 8, Episode 8), will be extra-long. It will clock in at 88 minutes, with adverts.

This as-yet-untitled episode will be directed by Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, who also helmed the Season 8 premiere. It will air on December 10th in the U.S. and will be followed by an episode of Talking Dead (28 minutes later than normal).

Typical episodes of the show are between 42 to 45 minutes in length, without breaks. It’s expected that the mid-season finale will clock in at around 60 to 66 minutes, without adverts.

Season 8 has been full of ‘all out war’ so far.

The show suffered its biggest rating drop in 5 years on October 29th (down from a regular 10 million to 8.2 million). There’s also a very serious legal battle going on between Robert Kirkman (and other AMC creatives) and AMC at the moment, which could sink the network (and their shows) if they lose.

This investment in a longer run-time show confidence though, and it should give hardcore fans faith that the show isn’t going anywhere just yet. Notoriously, AMC have long-said that they plan to keep the show going for years, but between the slow but steady ratings drop and the legal battle, some wonder whether this long-term plan might die a quick death.

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