The LEGO Batman Movie: Surprise new trailer shows us how well Batman has aged

By ·March 28, 2016 11:57 pm

Over the past week we’ve already been treated to the very first stills, the movie poster and the intial teaser trailer for the LEGO Batman movie but the hype machine hasn’t given up there and we’ve been gifted with another teaser trailer.

All aboard the LEGO Batman hype train!

The trailer starts out with LEGO Batman (Will Arnett) hyping up his own film once again stating that us uber-nerds “blew up the twitter-sphere about [his] sweet new feature film” and that because LEGO Batman is as super as he is, he gets not only one trailer but two trailers in one week.

We then get to see the vast insides of Wayne Manor as Batman reminisces over his parents deaths, before swiftly moving on to Alfred cracking a joke or two at the expense of previous Batman films. The teaser finishes up with new action footage from the film.

We’re also shown the great villans and heros that will appear in the film. I’m especially impressed with the models for Killer Croc and Bane – I cannot wait to get my hands on those actual LEGO minifigures when they’re released.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 00.38.11

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 00.38.57

The LEGO Batman movie is due for release February 10th, 2017.

Written by Michael James Ilett


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