The LEGO Batman Movie: Five new playsets have been released including the Ultimate Batmobile

By ·June 1, 2017 2:44 pm

LEGO have released five new playsets to tie in with the LEGO Batman Movie. The new products expand on the initial release of 13 sets ahead of the films theatrical release.

It could be considered however that these sets contain spoilers for the film, especially the last set you’ll find in this article, so if you’ve still not seen the LEGO Batman Movie read ahead at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

My favourite of the new releases is the Batwing, simply put I think it’s a great looking vehicle and at £99.99 will provide a substantial build for fans. Also of note is the excellent Bane bigfig that you can find in the ‘Bane Toxic Truck Attack’ set.

You can find all of the information you’ll need for the new sets below, enjoy!


Scarecrow Fearful Face-off (70913) – RRP £11.99

Scarecrow is dropping fear gas bombs from his dangerous Gyro- Copter. Attach Batman’s jetpack, adjust the boosters and power into the sky to intercept him. Aim the grappling gun at the Gyro-Copter’s spinning rotors and take down the Super Villain. Only you can stop Scarecrow before he blows up the power plant! The set also features a power plant mini build with an explode function, plus two minifigures.


Bane Toxic Truck Attack (70914) – RRP £49.99

Bane is causing chaos in the city with his powerful 6×6 Toxic Truck. Fly to the rescue with Batman’s Whirly-Bat. Move fast to dodge the truck’s six-stud rapid shooter and toxic bombs thrown by Bane. Fend off Mutant Leader’s torch and fight back with the Batarang. Bane is wearing his Venom backpack for added power – take him down before he drops the truck’s huge toxic tank and stop Mutant Leader activating the toxic waste explode function! Includes two minifigures, Bane big figure and toxic waste mini-build.


Two-Face Double Demolition (70915) – RRP: £49.99

Two-Face is demolishing everything in his way with his awesome excavator. Jump into the cockpit of the Batcycle with Batman and race to stop him – you must get there fast before the GCPD officers get lifted up in the giant bucket! Just like Two- Face himself, the excavator has a ‘good side’ and a ‘bad side’. Swerve the dangerous spikes on the wheels on the bad side and dodge the six-stud rapid shooter. Fire back with the Batcycle’s rotating double stud shooter and rotating flick missile shooter! Beware of Two-Face’s tommy gun and take down that Super- Villain with Batman’s two Batarangs! Includes four minifigures.


The Batwing (70916) – RRP £99.99

Cruise in flight mode with Batman and Robin at the controls of the powerful Batwing. But watch out – Harley Quinn is shooting her rapid-fire cannon and trying to take you down. Fire the spring-loaded shooters and disc shooters. Then flip the wings into landing mode and take the battle to the city streets. Release the car from the back of the Batwing and drive after Harley. Beware of her hammer attacks and strike back with Batman’s Batarang. You must capture this Super-Villain before she causes even more chaos! This set includes three minifigures.


The Ultimate Batmobile (70917) – RRP £139.99

The Bat-Signal’s light brick is illuminated so team up with Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Alfred Pennyworth (in Batsuit) to save the day! Drive The Ultimate Batmobile into battle against the Wicked Witch of the West and the Flying Monkeys, and ambush the enemy by splitting it into four awesome vehicles: the Batmobile, Bat-Tank, Batcycle and Batwing! Fire the Batmobile’s 4 stud shooters and the Bat-Tank’s 2 hidden six-stud rapid shooters!

Speed through the Gotham City streets on the Batcycle and attack Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc with the Batwing’s two spring-loaded shooters. Those shocked Super-Villains won’t know what’s hit them! Includes Bat-Signal and eight minifigures.

All of the new LEGO Batman Movie sets are available to purchase now from and all applicable retailers. Will you be purchasing any of the LEGO Batman Movie sets? Let us know in the comments below.

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