The latest on saving Dark Matter – storming Netflix with mystery hashtags

By ·September 7, 2017 10:22 pm

The #TeamRaza hashtag campaign was recently spaced like a stowaway Bounty Hunter. In its place is something a little different. Backed once again by Joseph Mallozzi, who supports it on his blog, the guys behind the Twitter account @DarkMatterFTL seem to now be governing all of the hashtag campaigns to save the show.

The Twitter account (who Joseph Mallozzi called “The Dark Council”) appears to be a long-lasting Dark Matter fan account – one that is followed by Joseph Mallozzi and several of the Dark Matter cast (which lends some credibility).

The stewards behind it have asked fans to only use the mystery hashtags (‘mystery’ meaning they won’t be revealed until moments before the tweet barrage) that have been devised by the account owners. The set of guidelines put out by the account reads:

The guidelines asked of fans by @DarkMatterFTL.

The planned window of attack remains the same – this Friday – but it’s a sharp turn from the nice and simplistic #TeamRaza approach that we were all gearing towards. Too many changes in our plan of attack will no doubt damage our cause – making us look indecisive as a fandom – so I hope this is the final amendment.

Here’s an example of today’s (Thursday 7th September) ‘hashtag’ plan of attack, to give you an idea of what to expect going forward:

Following that, the Dark Matter FTL guys posted this image, for tonight’s ‘dry run’ tweeting session:

The latest from the guys at @DarkMatterFTL.

It’s all perhaps a little too managed – creating their own hashtags without getting consensus from the fandom, keeping those hashtags secret until the final moment, prohibiting the use of other hashtags, and the use of ALL CAPS to stress their rules all seems more deterring than encouraging.

But the campaign owners certainly have good intentions (we all want the same thing here: to save the show) and we’re on board with whatever Joseph Mallozzi supports. If it works, I’ll applaud it – I’m open to giving it a try and I’m sure you will be too.

Don’t forget to take part this Friday. To run with Joseph Mallozzi’s war analogy – gather your forces (ask your friends to participate – even if they don’t watch the show), obey your orders from above (however strict your generals might be) and get ready to storm the gates of Netflix (ask them nicely to take on our beloved show).

Image credits: SyFy, Dark Matter FTL

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