The Flash: Season 3 Episode 15 review – The Wrath of Savitar

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After those superb double-Grodd episodes, whatever came next was bound to feel like a bit of a come-down. On top of this, Savitar has been somewhat of a fluctuating villain. Oftentimes he is rather a poor adversary, for various reasons previously described, and sometimes he comes across as a relatively scary foe. This week upped Savitar’s game, for the simple facts that he was released him from his incarceration via his three prophecies coming true.

That three-tiered prophecy, for those who might have forgotten, was: one of the group will die, one will betray the others and one will suffer a fate worse than death. All three of those have now come true (if you count what we know about the future); Iris is destined to die, Caitlin betrayed the others by retaining part of the stone (she also voiced that she fell into this betrayal prophecy), and the person who suffers a fate worse than death was shown to be Wally.

It was quite apparent that the place in which Savitar was incarcerated was the speed force; on this show, whenever the question is: “where is the mysterious place where something is kept or can be hurled?” the answer is always the speed force. The nice thing about Wally being sucked into it is that this mirrors the recent comics. After the New 52 run, the start of the Rebirth run explored Wally being trapped in the speed force very well, including having him reach out to characters like Barry – who had forgotten who he was – to try to get them to remember him (thereby helping him to return from the speed force).

Caitlin, Cisco and HR.

It makes me wonder whether the show might take a similar approach. I can’t see the show wiping Wally from the memories of our characters (this would be too much like Flashpoint re-occurring), but I can foresee Wally appearing to the team sporadically, while trapped in the speed force, just like Savitar was able to. It would make for a nice parallel to the comics and it might make for some interesting scenes with characters like Joe, who has now lost his son.

It was a little baffling why Barry didn’t make an active effort to try to pull Wally away from the speed force, as he was being sucked in. You would think he would have at least attempted to lurch forward and grab him, but he stood motionless. It was also very intriguing when Savitar mentioned that Barry is selfish and is “the big bag” from his perspective.

The selfish side of Barry hasn’t reared its head for a while now, but at the beginning of the season it was rampant, with Barry often making decisions that served his own desires, while not even considering the needs of others. It makes for interesting storytelling to have a protagonist like that and I really like that the writers have acknowledged this now, through Savitar’s words. This was a fairly decent episode, especially given that it centred around the sometimes shaky Savitar and that it followed two great Grodd episodes.

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