The Flash: Season 3 Episode 14 review – Attack on Central City

By ·March 2, 2017 9:38 am

This review contains spoilers.

Last week The Flash truly elevated its game, crafting a superb opener for the Grodd two-parter. Barry and co went into the hear of Gorilla city, Barry fought Solovar, Grodd tricked everyone; it was a truly unique episode. This week brought the second, conclusive part of that double episode, which carried with it a lot of weight to deliver not only an episode of similar quality to last week, but also to deliver on the promise of getting to see gorillas attack Central City. The episode delivered on that in some ways and failed in others; mainly, this week’s merits were actually found in the Gypsy storyline, rather than the Grodd one.

If you break down what happened with Grodd, he mentally controlled a few more people (giving a few different actors a chance to try out the Grodd voice), attempted to kill Joe (even as just a distraction) and fought and lost against Solovar. That’s everything that happened, which means that the promise of getting to see hoards of intelligent gorillas attack Central City wasn’t exactly delivered on in the manner that was expected. We saw an army of 100 armoured gorillas, but all they did was march down a road, then bow to Solovar after he bested Grodd. As a fan of the Planet of the Apes series, I was hoping for much more than this. The Apes franchise doesn’t really ever show hordes of apes attacking a modern day city (unless you count the uprising in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes) , so this was a unique opportunity to explore that, which was unfortunately wasted.

Supergirl recently delivered their Valentine’s Day episode much later than our actual Valentine’s Day, which seemed an odd bit of scheduling. This episode of The Flash, however, also seemed to be a Valentines episode, which would make this scheduling even farther out of alignment than Supergirl‘s was. HR stated that on his Earth “Friend’s Day” is their version of Valentine’s Day, but whether Friend’s Day falls on February 14th was unclear. There were certainly other romantic sub-plots too, involving various characters including Wally and Jess, and culminating in Barry proposing to Iris upon the episode’s close. These two were always destined to end up with one another, so it’s a sensible move from Barry; why wait, especially given the threat that Iris faces.

Romance was rife in this episode, even if under the guise of HR’s “Friend’s Day”.

Amidst the relatively decent (if brief) Grodd content, it was the Gypsy and Cisco content that truly shined this week. The way that Cisco acts around her is simply magic; him donning a “you know you like me” attitude, which charms his way into her heart. Lines like “where’s my love donut”, “even if I was, you couldn’t handle me” and “I’ll marry that woman” truly warm the heart. This is the sole relationship in the show that truly sparks and that kiss at the end (so wonderfully sprung upon him mid-sentence) was the best kiss we’ve had on the show, including anything between Barry and Iris.

Grodd’s fall from the building put King Kong firmly in mind and the passing mention of a Grodd versus King Shark fight was very alluring. It’s something that probably won’t ever happen, but if it ever does, that would be one very interesting fight indeed. Another little cinematic moment was Wally and Jesse watching Casablanca together at the episode’s close, with Jesse not understanding the draw nor the setting.

This wasn’t quite as fascinating as ‘Attack on Gorilla City’, nor did it provide enough of gorillas actually attacking Central City, as the title promised. However, this still had some great gorilla content and some excellent Cisco and Gypsy content, marking it out as another of this season’s best episodes.

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