The Flash: Season 3 Episode 12 review – Untouchable

By ·February 8, 2017 3:12 pm

This episode contains spoilers.

Like many times before, this week we were presented with a rather tedious villain. Yes, he linked in quite well with Flashpoint, but a man in no kind of costume, without even a super villain name for himself (even in the comics he is just called Clive Yorkin), who can disintegrate objects at a touch won’t be a highlight in the annals of great villains on this show. However, the surrounding content of the episode more than made up for this pitfall, presenting some interesting development for several characters and setting us up superbly for what’s coming in two weeks’ time.

First and foremost, Wally has now learned the ability to phase through solid objects. Although he achieved this in the final possible moment, while under pressure, which is true TV cliche, he still succeeded in surmounting this feat and we even got to see him continue practising it at the end of the episode a little. Everyone’s goal here is to improve Wally’s speed, but secondary speedster skills such as phasing can prove just as useful. It should be remembered, however, that Savitar holds skills that people like Barry and Wally cannot even conceive of, which means that he will have rebuttals in place for simple tricks like phasing, if Wally should choose to use this on or near him.

Then we had Julian, who was annoying Caitlin to the point of her actually stating that she regretted bringing him into the lab. It’s an out of character remark for the usually very sweet and considerate Caitlin, but it served a purpose, narratively speaking, because later on Julian got to prove his worth by being the sole person responsible for talking Caitlin out of Killer Frost mode. In other words, he’s earning his keep and proving that they were right to let him in. This culminated in a rather baffling moment where Caitlin asked Julain out for a drink. If this was a platonic drink (which I think it was), then there’s nothing that strange about it. If it was a proposition for a date, however, then I personally feel that there has been no chemistry between these two leading up to this, to warrant such a request. If that’s the case then it’s a very out of the blue move from the writers (not to mention Caitlin actively choosing an ex-villain, even if the Alchemy crimes were not Julian’s fault).

Julian in STAR Labs.

Lastly, we have Cisco, who is clearly still a little lovestruck from Gypsy’s visit. He points out that she informed him that his abilities got beyond what he can currently imagine. This spurred him and HR to think outside the box and come up with the idea to vibe Flashpoint. It’s a nice little tie in with Gypsy and the previous episode that didn’t go unnoticed. It also means that Cisco (if he doesn’t become the death that Savitar predicted) could evolve into a truly formidable force in the future, akin to Gypsy’s level of skill.

Most exciting of all this week, however, was the episode’s closing moments, when Jesse appeared through a portal and informed Wally that Grodd took her father to Gorilla city. As viewers, we already knew of this city’s existence and saw it briefly in a previous episode. The city was always likely to swing around and make a full appearance on the show, but I never assumed it would be so soon. The episode airs not next week, but in two weeks’ time and is titled ‘Attack on Gorilla City’. In my head, I’m envisioning the same superb quality of previous Grodd eps, set amidst a full Planet of the Apes-esque backdrop. It really holds a lot of potential to be one of the best episodes of the season.

Potentially, this next episode could catapult the final stretch of the season (11 more episodes, if they stick to the format of 23 episode for the season) into elevated heights and make up for the poorer moments that we’ve endured this season, of which there’s been quite a few. Just like the endearing idea that a man who is a policeman in one timeline can end up as a thriving jazz musician in another, just by taking a different path, so too do I feel that the writers can choose a different fate for this season. To turn it around and transform it into something worth getting excited about. As it stands, I am very excited about the next episode, which is a rare thing for Season 3 and a great sign. Now all I have to do is endure the two week hiatus.

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