The fates of Game of Thrones characters – looking ahead to the final season

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HBO’s Game of Thrones left us on edge in the penultimate season finale, as it is wont to do. Is Tormund dead? Who kills Cersei? Will Jon and Daenerys be true (truly disgusting) Targaryens together? Most importantly, is Bronn ever going to get that castle? Spoilers ahead, try and keep up, will you?

Tormund Giantsbane

Last we saw our favorite ginger from north of the Wall was running from a recently deceased dragon and a wall of ice was coming down. By all rights he should be dead, but Tormund is full of surprises and deserves a more fitting end than an off camera death. The beauty Brienne waits for him at Winterfell, but what if Jaime Lannister is with her? That could be awkward and bloody for any corner of this bizarre love triangle.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Beric Dondarrion

The ressurected knight was atop The Wall at Eastwatch with Tormund when the Night King and his ice dragon attacked. It’s doubtful that Ser Beric’s part in this story is quite complete since he has the capability to make his sword come to life with flames, and the flaming sword Lightbringer is part of the prophesy of the Prince/Princess who was promised.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Sandor Clegane

The Hound made it very clear that he had every intention of killing his brother Gregor Clegane, the Mountain. Since his re-animation by Qyburn, it isn’t known how much of life Gregor actually remembers or understands, since the Mountain has said nothing and does nothing that Cersei does not ask of him. It doesn’t matter though, the Hound will bring the fight to him.

Bronn of the Blackwater

The only way this story has a happy ending is if Bronn weds a pretty young lady with a large estate. Some think that the disinherited Sam Tarly’s little sister and Horn Hill would be ideal since both Randyl and Dickon are gone, or maybe Bronn asked Podrick over that drink if he has a sister. The snag in Bronn’s plan is that Cersei is not fond of the cutthroat and both his connections to the crown are out of favor and out of town.

Gendry Waters

Gendry waited at Eastwatch by the Sea while the rest of the crew sailed for the meeting in King’s Landing to show Cersei their Wight-in-a-Box. Presuming he survives the Wall’s collapse he will likely run on to Winterfell and may get the chance to see Arya again. As the apprentice of the only forge in Westeros who could re-work Valyrian steel, Gendry is probably the north’s best chance to make quality weapons from dragon glass. If the Army of the Dead doesn’t catch up to him.

Davos Seaworth

The Onion Knight is currently serving as an unofficial Hand to the King in the North, Jon Snow. So far, Ser Davos has offered wise counsel and some frank and persuasive speeches on his chosen King’s behalf. He does struggle in more formal settings and admits to being a good sailor, but not a strong fighter. This is not likely to serve him well in the Great War to come, unless he smuggles himself out.

Jorah Mormont

After that touching reunion with Daenerys at Dragonstone, and giving his family sword Longclaw back to Jon in the expedition beyond the wall, we might assume that Jorah is totally cool with Jon. While Jorah might suspect Jon truly loves his queen just as much as he does, he hasn’t yet been confronted with the fact that they are closer than he realizes, or even wants to know.

Brienne of Tarth

Brienne and the faithful Podrick, are headed back to the north so she may continue to fulfill her oath to Catelyn Stark and watch over the young ladies of Winterfell. She admits it doubtful half of the Stark sisters still need her protection, but oaths must be kept. Her sword, Oathkeeper, is one half of the reforged Stark family Valyrian steel sword, Ice. It should do well to protect her and the Stark children from the approaching Wights and White Walkers.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Jaime Lannister

It’s assumed that Jaime is riding north to honor his part of the deal that Cersei made. A Lannister always pays his debts, and the man who would do anything for love hasn’t exactly learned how to be alone in the lengthy toxic relationship with his twin sister. Many believe he’s riding strait for Brienne of Tarth, which would be a big help to the north as Jaime holds the other half of the reforged Ice, in the sword he inherited from the deceased Jeoffrey, Widow’s Wail.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Tyrion Lannister

Why was Tyrion creeping while Jon and Daenerys’ got it on in the finale? As Hand of the Queen Tyrion has shown an interest in Daenerys’ ability to bear children, and spoken with her about an advantageous Westerosi marriage. Tyrion claims Daenerys needs a man with a proper name and title for Westeros to accept her as queen. He could be looking out for the realm, or perhaps he saw himself in Jon’s boots. He certainly didn’t mean a bastard during these conversations, even if he does personally respect him and he has been made King in the North.  It’s also unclear how Tyrion convinced Cersei to agree to a truce, though she has no intention of keeping her word.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Cersei Lannister

We know she has to die, but we’re dying to know who does the deed! It looks like Jaime isn’t coming back, and Tyrion is headed to Winterfell, though he could easily return. Some suspect Euron will be her undoing, and many hope Arya checks her off her list. However, Cersei’s mother died bringing Tyrion into the world, and incestuous progeny can be deformed and difficult births. It could be that her own children’s Valonqar (little sibling) will give Cersei her prophesied end.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Euron Greyjoy

Did he go home to the Iron Islands, or to pick up The Golden Company in Essos? Euron is treacherous, so he might have told anyone anything and do anything else. He gave Daenerys a once over in the dragon pit and seemed to have liked her, and sailing for Daenerys was his plan before Yara beat him to it. He may want to switch sides again or take his own. The real question is whether Theon will find him in time to save Yara.

Theon Greyjoy

Theon finally found his balls when an Ironborn tried to kick them in the finale. Now that he’s proven himself to the remains of his sister’s fleet he’s out to save Yara from Euron. What remains to be seen is if Theon can catch up to his Uncle and find the strength and cunning he needs to kill him, preferably before Euron manages to pick up those sellswords that Cersei paid for.


Varys swore to Daenerys that he wouldn’t spin webs behind her back, but in several conversations with Tyrion he talked of finding a way to stop her from becoming to much of her father’s daughter. The Lion and the Spider might find this device in her love and nephew, Jon. Or for love of country the two may yet betray Daenerys for the more even tempered Targaryen. Any conniving is likely to bring his death in this strange country, as Daenerys threatened and the Red Woman foretold.


The Red Priestess of Asshai sailed back to Essos for answers regarding the prophesy she had come to Westeros to see fulfilled. Melissandre will return from the temple of the Lord of Light with some surprising insight on who is the true Prince or Princess that was promised, but according to Jon and Davos, and even her own readings of the  flames, when she returns to Westeros she won’t live long.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Sansa Stark

Sansa is Lady Stark now, but there is no future for the Stark name or Winterfell. Bran and Arya haven’t expressed interest in marriage or children, and between paralysis, visions, and all those stabs in no one’s belly it’s doubtful either of them are even capable. After all the trauma that Sansa has been through and her acknowledgment that the pack survives, she might now find herself attracted to Tyrion Lannister, whom she admits to be the most kind and gentle of her former husbands.

Arya Stark

Arya plays close to the vest, and is holding a lot of face cards. We couldn’t help but notice she left Littlefinger’s intact, her best chance of getting close to Cersei and the Mountain. If Arya decides to cash in, it would be a nice touch if she and the Hound went together and gave fans the Clegane showdown Sandor promised us. Melisandre also told Arya they would meet again, and Arya could be the one to end the Red Witch.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Brandon Stark

The Three Eyed Raven is home and waiting to give his cousin Jon some big news. It was a tearful moment when he sent Meera Reed home after all they’d been through together, especially since Bran is the only son left of Ned Stark and Winterfell’s true heir. Outside of a royal decree, Jon can’t actually pass on the family name, so this could mean the end of the Stark lineage. Another possiblity for Bran is that his ability to warg will enable him to fly as a dragon, allowing Jon to ride the dragon Rhaegal, or possibly the Night King’s mount, the resurected Viserion.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Jon Targaryen

Congratulations, Jon Snow, you’re the rightful King of Westeros! The bad news is, you just slept with your Aunt, and she’s probably going to be pretty upset that she isn’t the queen she thought she was. Jon feels responsible for the North and is a good leader, but he’s a reluctant one and quickly handed the reign over to Daenerys, as we saw in the letter he wrote home to Sansa. He’s going to be more fired up about saving the seven kingdoms than ruling them when he learns the truth of his parentage, but if he and his Aunt work it out he could be into it. Oh yeah, the Wall broke and the Night King has an ice dragon now. So, good luck with that.

Game of Thrones, HBO

Daenerys Targaryen

Season eight is going to be another big slice of humble pie for Daenerys. Her claim to the Iron Throne now rests on either marrying her nephew, or a death from which her beloved won’t be resurrected. The hot tempered would be queen is not likely to take this news well given all that she has suffered and sacrificed believing herself to be the legitimate heir. She’s also likely to hold herself partly responsible for the Night King’s new pet. Daenerys has come back from a lot of terrible things through the years, so maybe all is not lost, but then again . . .

The Night King

Where in Westeros does this guy think he’s going? What does he want and why now? Fan theories and book legends swarm like Wights around the Night King, but only a handful of people in our world knows which or if any of them are true, and they aren’t talking.

With more than a year to wait for any answers fans have nothing but time and theories. Personally, I wanted a book to read, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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