The Dark Matter fandom is getting in fighting shape for Friday – get ready to take part in #TeamRaza

By ·September 5, 2017 8:02 pm

The Dark Matter fandom has settled on a plan of attack to save our show. With the backing of Joseph Mallozzi, fans will storm Twitter this Friday (and every Friday henceforth) to collectively tweet the fandom’s chosen hashtag: #TeamRaza.

The tag’s phrasing is an effort to persuade Netflix to pick up the show – urging them to thereby become part of Team Raza. There are other hastags too – #Marauders and #DarkMates to name a couple (the latter was pitched by Ennis Esmer) – but when it comes to the upcoming Friday assault, #TeamRaza is the tag to go for.

Joseph Mallozzi also assured fans that there is a ‘glimmer of hope’ – stating that other network executives have noticed the huge fan response around the show’s cancellation. He also laid out how big of an issue time is – pointing at various ticking budgetary time bombs for the show.

Solara’s ready to fight for the show. Are you?

Here are the times (for Friday 8th September and all future Fridays) to blast out those tweets, to make sure you don’t miss out:

  • UK & Portugal – 20:00
  • US & Canada – 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET
  • France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany – 21:00
  • Australia – 20:00 AWST / 22:00 AEST
  • You can find more regions and times on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog post

We strongly urge you to take part. Don’t forget to tag @netflix in your tweets.

Joseph Mallozzi updates his blog regularly with news of progress on saving the show, as well as news of the fan campaigns that are forming. We’re here to cover anything you might miss and to urge you to take part in the primary campaigns that the fandom are pushing.

Image credits: SyFy

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  1. I say mention JAG. NBC cancelled it after 1 season.
    JAG was picked up by CBS.
    It lasted another 9 seasons there
    AND gave birth to the NCIS spinoffs
    NBC lots ALOT by not having faith.