The CW release an extended trailer for Riverdale

By ·December 22, 2016 9:59 pm

If, like us, you’re hopping up and down with excitement for Riverdale‘s arrival next month, you’ll more than appreciate The CW’s little late-December gift to Archie fans in the form of an extended trailer.

After the first Riverdale trailer leaked ahead of time and was quickly taken down across the internet by The CW, before being officially released but being a little on the sparse side, it’s nice to see fully fleshed out trailer that gives us a stronger idea of what to expect from this highly anticipated show.

We think the trailer shows that no one has anything to fear – it looks like Riverdale is going to be great and it looks like it’s going to deliver. People like Kevin Smith have seen a little of the show, also, and have reported good things, so we’re keeping our hopes high and our excitement elevated.

You can watch the brand new extended Riverdale trailer below:

The Nerd Recites will review Riverdale on a weekly basis from January 26th onwards.

What do you think of the extra content that the extended trailer shows? Are you excited for Riverdale? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image credits: The CW

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