The 30th Anniversary HD transfer of Transformers: The Movie, boasts significant visual improvements

By ·August 13, 2016 10:25 am

The original 1980’s animated classic, The Transformers – The Movie, has been lovingly remastered for it’s 30th anniversary by the team at Shout! Factory. The anniversary edition of the film is being released as a collector’s Blu-Ray steelbox featuring stunning box art, which can be seen in our initial coverage of the remastered film’s announcement.

The 30th anniversary edition of The Transformers – The Movie is packed full of additional, and in some cases never before seen, special features and bonus content for the most loyal of fans to comb over. However the real star of this release is the visual and audio remastering of the film. More specifically we’re focusing on the amazing work Shout! Factory have done in visually remastering the film for modern home cinema equipment.

By far the easiest way to showcase this incredible work is to show you a series a before and after pictures that highlight the quality of work that has been achieved with this release. In the lead image of Megatron and the below image of Hot Rod, the remastered version is on the left and the original on the right. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the colours have a lot more depth to them while the line art and fine details are increased in fidelity.

This is especially noticeable in the images of Megatron within this article. You’ll see that in the before images, Megatron’s glow and line art is blurry and overexposed, perhaps even harsh to the viewer’s eye. Yet, all of this has been fixed in the after pictures, especially in the line art exposing Megatron’s schematics.

As you browse the images below, not only will you appreciate the work that has gone into this remastering, but you’ll quickly become apparent that this was a labour of love for the team at Shout! Factory, the results really do speak for themself.






You can watch Shout! Factory‘s Principle Colour Scientist, Joseph Slomka, detail how and why they achieved remastering results as good as they have in the below special feature. A lot of remastering work’s successes come from the team at Shout! Factory being able to hunt down an original 35mm film copy of the film in incredible condition, which given the age of the movie, this is certainly a rare find.

The 30th anniversary edition collector’s Blu-Ray of the Transformers Movie will be avaialble for purchase from December 12th 2016. Just in time to make an excellent Christmas present for fans and collectors.

Image Credits: Hasbro / Shout! Factory / Manga Entertainment

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