Ten Marvel characters we still need to see in the MCU

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The MCU roster is big. Really big. With over sixty-seven confirmed characters in Avengers: Infinity War and more coming to the small screen every day, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Marvel may be running out of characters to dazzle us with. There are however major characters still out there in the ether of comic book land waiting to make their debut on the big screen.

In an effort to make a completely unique list, we’ve left out characters Marvel either don’t own the rights to or who have already appeared in other non-Marvel Studios movies, so Fantastic Four and Green Goblin won’t make the cut.

Here is our list of top ten Marvel characters that don’t exist in the MCU…yet.

10] Hercules

Hercules, the Marvel hero based on Greek myth.

Who he is: Marvel’s Hercules is modeled after the Greek god Heracles, and lives up to his name sake in more ways than one. An Olympian god, Hercules possess super strength, durability, and reflexes and is highly skilled in armed and unarmed combat. He’s also a near constant member of the Avengers crew and has a hilarious friendship with Thor that could play well in the MCU.

Where we could see him: Avengers: Infinity War / Avengers 4. Hey, the Avengers are gonna need all the help they can get right? You can’t do much better than a Greek god. We know there will be some surprise reveals in the next two Avengers movies, and Hercules would provide a great boost to the roster.

9] Darkhawk

The android known as Darkhawk.

Who he is: Chris Powell was a regular kid until he found a mysterious amulet that let him control the alien android Darkhawk with his mind. He’s battled Hobgoblin with Spider-Man, fought alongside Captain America and the Punisher, but perhaps most importantly he’s been a member of the New Warriors, a team of young Avengers.

Where we could see him: A New Warriors movie. Its no secret that many of the current heroes in the MCU aren’t sticking it out past phase 3, and what better way to rejuvenate the brand than with the “junior” Avengers team, New Warriors?

8] Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor the Sub-Mariner battles for Atlantis’ survival.

Who he is: Namor is the hybrid offspring of a human sea captain and a princess of Atlantis. He’s also Marvel’s first ever superhero, and the first anti-hero in comics. Debuting in Marvel #1 in 1939, Sub-Mariner is a surprisingly complex character for the time period, often battling both villains and heroes alike in his quest for Atlantis’ survival.

Where we could see him: A standalone Namor film. Universal (who previously had film rights to Namor) never got a solo film off the ground, but if the rumors are true that the Sub-Mariner’s movie rights are back with Marvel we should look forward to seeing him hit the big screen soon.

7] Shuma-Gorath

I am he who sleeps, but now awakens.

Who he is: Shuma-Gorath is an immortal lord of chaos who rules over hundreds of alternate dimensions. Think Dormammu but wayyyy crazier. Capable of energy projection, reality warping, and teleportation, the good Doctor Strange would have his magic hands full with this villain.

Where we could see him: Doctor Strange 3. We know that Baron Mordo (and possibly Dormammu) will take up the plot of Doctor Strange 2, but a potential post credits scene with Shuma-Gorath to set up the third film would drive fans wild in anticipation.

6] Taskmaster

Evenin’ Slick. ‘Member me? I’m the Taskmaster!

Who he is: Tony Masters, aka Taskmaster, injected himself with a super serum designed to unlock instant memory potential, allowing him to replicate the movements and fighting techniques of any hero he came across. He can be as skilled a martial artist as Iron Fist, as accurate a marksman as Hawkeye, and as strong as Captain America. Simultaneously. His real skill however lies in the training other super–villains, meaning he doesn’t even have to do his own dirty work.

Where we could see him: A Sam Wilson led Captain America movie. There will be fallout from Infinity War, and I’m betting Steve Rogers is one of the heroes who doesn’t make it back in time for dinner. It’s too early to tell whether Bucky or Sam will take up the shield after Steve, but Taskmaster is an excellent first villain for the icon whoever he may be.

5] Super Skrull

Super Skrull battles the Fantastic Four.

Who he is: The shapeshifting leader of the Skrull, an alien race who have attempted to colonize Earth for themselves on many occasion. Super Skrull’s first tango was with the Fantastic Four but has since gone on to become an Avengers villain in the comics.

Where we could see him: Captain Marvel / An Avengers: Secret Invasion movie. Now that we know Captain Marvel is chronologically the first MCU movie, and that it will deal with the Skrull, it seems likely we’ll at least be teased with Super Skrull at some point in the film. I’m hoping this leads into Secret Invasion, a popular comic event where Super Skrull and his minions replace Marvel heroes with their own in an attempt to rule Earth.

4] The Hood

The Hood, with his original demon powers.

Who he is: Parker Robbins grew up around crime his entire life. After he takes a job stealing goods from a warehouse, he comes upon a mystic ritual and encounters a demon. After apparently shooting and killing the demon and stealing its boots and cloak, Robbins discovers the items give him levitation, invisibility, and the ability to transform into the demon.

His origin has since been altered and his powers have largely been taken away, but I believe his original powers could be better used in the MCU.

Where we could see him: A New Avengers movie. New Avengers is a very popular book set during Civil War that sees the original Avengers lineup disassembled. Sensing the hole left behind after the Avengers are gone, a team lead by Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine and other join forces to form the New Avengers.

3] Adam Warlock

You are in Soulworld now, interloper– A world beyond the effects of time and the domain of Adam Warlock!

Who he is: Adam Warlock is a genetically engineered “perfect human”, and an allegory for the messiah  so he definitely has big shoes to fill. One of Marvel’s most beloved cosmic characters, Adam Warlock uses a type of magic called “quantum magic” that enables him to create force fields, teleport, and even create wormholes and other cosmic irregularities.

Where we could see him: Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Okay so we’re pretty sure Adam Warlock is going to show up at some point with Ayesha basically giving his appearance away in the post-credits of Guardians 2, but if somehow Guardians of the Galaxy 3 doesn’t feature Adam Warlock, it would be a real shame.

2] Nova

Nova in his traditional officer’s uniform of the Nova Corps.

Who he is: Richard Rider is an average teenager in New York City until an alien spaceships arrives from the planet Xandar. Nova Prime, the last survivor of the alien planet after a savage attack by the villain Zorr, launches an energy blast towards a random place on Earth in hopes of it being intercepted. Richard Rider is struck by the blast and put into a coma where he telepathically communicates with Nova Prime about the destruction of Xandar and that he is bestowing Richard with the powers of a Nova Corps officer. After emerging from his coma, Richard initially believes his conversation with Nova Prime to be a dream – until Zorr attacks Earth and his powers manifest.

Where we could see him: Guardians of the Galaxy 3 / A New Warriors movie. Guardians of the Galaxy spent a lot of time focusing on the Nova Corps, and it was honestly a big shock we didn’t see Richard Rider on screen, but he could still show up in the third installment as a new member of the Guardians with Adam Warlock, or even feature in a New Warriors movie with Darkhawk.

1] Moon Knight

…I don’t wear white to hide myself, I wear it so they’ll see me coming.

Who he is: Moon Knight, whose real name is Marc Spector, is one of the most complex characters in all of comics. A marine and mercenary by trade, Marc and his time take a job in Egypt and stumble upon an archaeological dig of an ancient temple dedicated to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. After the leader of his team decides to loot the temple, Spector refuses, but is defeated in combat and left for dead. Followers of the temple bring him to Khonshu’s altar where Spector dies, before being given a second chance at life by the moon god, provided Spector becomes his avatar on Earth the hero known as Moon Knight.

Where we could see him: A Netflix solo series. A hero that is just simply too dark for the MCU, Moon Knight deserves a Netflix treatment. His battles with his dissociative identity disorder and violent actions when dealing with criminals definitely lends to the Netflix-esque style of shows like Punisher and Daredevil.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credits: Marvel

Written by Alex Wedderien


Alex is a writer and father of two in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. His previous work includes copy writing, technical writing, and brand copy. One day he also plans to write his own comic book.

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His specialty subjects include DC, Marvel, and Image comics.

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  1. Not a bad list! Although it would be an absolute tragedy if Adam Warlock doesn’t show up for Infinity War. Considering he was the main protagonist for the Infinity Gauntlet, the very inspiration to this whole MCU Infinity Stone Thanos saga, it would be CRIMINAL to have him skip the Phase 3 finale. What a wasted opportunity that would be!

    1. author staff

      For sure! It’ll be interesting to see if he does show up in GOTG3 and how they use him going forward into Infinity War.