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Long promised has been the ‘Heroes Vs Aliens 4 Night Crossover’, with the addendum that this begins with Supergirl Episode 8. Imagine our dismay then when this long-awaited episode featured so little crossover material that it shouldn’t be granted the title of ‘crossover’ at all. Below you’ll find our spoiler-heavy review of this week’s episode.

It’s a valid gripe in our opinion; if you’re going to advertise a huge crossover that spans four episode across multiple The CW shows, then don’t mislead the fans with the false promise of crossover content. To be fair, the wording used was ‘crossover begins with Supergirl‘ – the operative word being ‘begins’ – which is technically true, but so sparsely so that it is clear and painful false advertising, in our view.

Near the beginning of the episode a wormhole appeared above our characters’ Thanksgiving feast, then the wormhole appears again upon the episode’s close and Barry and Cisco walk through and Barry calls in that favour that Kara owes him. It’s quite the insult to fans, given how gleeful and substantial the last Barry/Kara crossover was. Due to that previous crossover, we know what we could have been provided here and that’s what makes the bait and switch hurt all the more.


Kara in the Fortress of Solitude, after destroying Kelex.

Placing that falsified advertising aside, what remained was a really good episode in its own right. There was an interesting an unpredictable fleshing out of Lena Luther’s character, a change in stance from Maggie (we knew it was coming and we called it) and bold moves by both Kara and Mon El in the romantic arena. Add a Kara/Cyborg Superman showdown and the implementation of Medusa and what results is a well-rounded and exciting episode.

One thing that stood out for us this week was the quality of the effects in two scenes in particular (which is nice, given the lack of decent effects in The Flash on occasion). One was the Fortress of Solitude shot when Kara flies up and away from Kelex. As she swoops upwards you see a wide scenic shot of the Fortress and its interior statues and it looked beautiful. The other was Cyborg Superman catching a barrage of bullets as he kneeled over Kara. While not exactly a difficult effect to pull of, we loved the impact of this.

While some might not be fond of the romantic-potency of the show this season, it can’t be denied that the writers are doing a good job of it. Alex and Maggie’s has been complex, realistic and a step forward for gay relationships in popular television (no one died). J’onn’s very simple and elegant line “I’m coming, My’ria’h” in a moment that he perceived as being his last was really beautiful and understated, showing that the writers can do subtlety as well as lavishness. So on these merits we’re happy to give Kara and Mon El’s relationship (assuming it does progress) a go; both deserve romance and we’re hopeful that the writers won’t veer into cheesiness with it.

Maggie finally changes her stance on Alex (as we knew she would) and tells Alex that she likes her too.

Maggie finally changes her stance on Alex (as we knew she would) and tells Alex that she likes her too.

So while quite a strong episode on its own merits, The CW shot themselves in the foot with the ‘crossover’ labelling. No doubt it only served to irritate and vex fans, rather than to satiate them with crossover goodness of the ilk that we saw last season. Hopefully the network will learn from this blunder and hopefully the following three hours of this ‘Heroes Vs Aliens’ crossover won’t be so sparse on the interconnectedness that makes the ‘event’ so enticing.

This episode made it clear that The Dominators will be the villains that our heroes will face. In the comics they are extremely technologically advanced and they hold true to a rigid caste system, in which one’s caste is decided by the size of the red circle on their forehead. They’re also master geneticists, to the point of being able to manipulate genes, and their they’ve appeared on TV before – in the animated DC ventures Legion of Superheroes and Young Justice.

Ultimately, we wanted Supergirl to shine the brightest and be the best of the four crossover episodes, but unfortunately the writers didn’t give it a chance to ignite, let alone blaze. It’s a shame, but we’ll have to see how The Flash handles the next crossover episode, and at least we’ll have Kara in that too.

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