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This week saw a strong focus on Guardian, combined with the return of Jeremiah Danvers and the debut of Cyborg Superman. All while, on the sidelines, Alex got some sense of catharsis with Maggie and J’onn realised that he’s sicker than he assumed. Below you’ll find our spoiler-heavy review of this week’s episode.

After first feigning that the real Hank Henshaw is back, the show quickly revealed (due to a quick laser eye blast to the face) that the man Kara was facing at Cadmus is in fact Cyborg Superman. This villain choice speaks volumes, due to the simple fact that Cyborg Superman is currently a key villain in DC’s Supergirl Rebirth run. While Rebirth and the show are two different entities, there are commonalities between the two and this isn’t the first time that we’ve noticed them.

Cyborg Superman of course long pre-dates Rebirth, having had his first appearance in Adventures of Superman #446 in May 1990. His real name is – you guessed it – Hank Henshaw, which means that the writers devised this Cyborg Superman move long before Rebirth ever arrived. So while this might not be an instance of the show borrowing from Rebirth, there’s still a parallel happening that followers of both mediums can enjoy (we follow Rebirth, but we’re a few issues behind at the time of writing).

Cyborg Superman in the DC Rebirth comics.

Cyborg Superman in the DC Rebirth comics.

Guardian featured heavily this week and was framed as a killer, before having his name cleared. Winn giving up his secret so easily to Alex affords the unique position of the audience and Kara’s inner circle now knowing something that Kara doesn’t, and it is fun to watch James and Winn squirm out a defence of Guardian, while trying to maintain that their interest is cursory. We still don’t see the sense in making James a superhero, let alone the logic in how he learned to find and move around like he does. It’s a shallow move to pull James into a heavier focus, but we fear it will only work against the show in the long run.

To our glee, Maggie is still around, even if we like her a tiny bit less after her handling of letting Alex down. Alex herself voiced her dismay at the jilting, echoing our own feelings, which resulted in Maggie approaching Alex in kind with an honest offer to be friends. We thought for a moment that it might go the other way – that Maggie would swing around and decide to give Alex a chance – and that still might happen, who knows (it’s a long season, with many episodes to go). Certainly at some point Alex will find herself in a relationship with a woman. Whether that’s Maggie or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

While one potential romance ended, another reared its head in the form of Mon El viewing Kara in a romantic light. Naturally, even though James and Kara’s spark is long-dulled, this prompted a little jealous expression from James – a dropping nod of the head and a quizzical look away – which was a nice humorous touch. We’d can’t say that we’re hugely pro Kara and Mon El getting together (some of the season’s cheesiest and worst moments have been Kara and Mon El related), but we’re not set against it either; Kara deserves a relationship too and it would be nice to see her thrive in one with someone who also helms from another world (there is a bond that comes from being an outsider that she might not find with an Earhtly man).

Jeremiah Danvers hugging Kara after telling her to leave him behind.

Jeremiah Danvers hugging Kara after telling her to leave him behind.

Jeremiah returned this week, confirming that he is indeed alive (although with so many shapeshifting aliens on this show, who knows for certain). Dean Cain is always a pleasure to have as a guest on this show and we truly hope that Alex and Kara find a way to extract him from Cadmus alive. Talking of shapeshifting aliens, J’onn bore his wrath upon Miss Martian this week, proving that he puts vengeance before forgiveness. We’re not so sure about the lingering arc concerning Hank now turning into a White Martian too. Switching Martian races seems silly to us (surely you are either biologically one race or the other and that’s it), but more hardcore Martian Manhunter readers might know whether this is something that’s possible within the mythology of Mars in the DC comics.

The next episode will be the long-awaited eight episode, which means that the multi-show crossover is finally here. This is advertised as ‘Heroes Vs Aliens’ and is labelled as a ‘4 night crossover event’ that ‘starts with Supergirl‘, which means that this show will be the first to tackle the crossover arc. The CW have also posted adverts that urge people to catch up on the DC superhero shows before the event. We’ll admit, we’re one or two behind on Legends of Tomorrow and we haven’t even started Arrow Season 5 yet, but we’ll try hard to catch up before the big multi-show mash-up.

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