Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 22 review – Nevertheless, She Persisted

By ·May 24, 2017 9:57 am

This review contains spoilers.

After a season that’s been full of both wayward flaws and sublime achievements, we arrive at the finale – a sore point for fans, knowing that we’re about to drift off into the void of the hiatus (much like Mon El has drifted off into a similar void), but at least we know that we’re getting a third season.

It’s worth first pointing out the beauty of the title for this episode, which is ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’. It really speaks to the power of Kara (and of women). ‘Nevertheless’ is referring to the tumultuous odds that Kara faced here – not only is she up against an army of Daxomites, but she’s facing her cousin; Superman himself. A truly formidable foe, even though much of the comic mythology stipulates that Kara is actually stronger and faster than Kal (she spent more time orbiting the Sun before arriving on Earth), which is always lore that I have adored.

As predicted, Kal was under a form of spell – Rhea had used silver kryptonite to induce hallucinations so that he would attack Kara, whom he saw as God. The fact that the show actually cast an actor (Mark Gibbon) to play Zod here is interesting and it makes me wonder whether they will reuse Gibbon as Zod at a later date.

Similar to last week, the action was rife this week and was a wonder to behold. From Kara and Kal plummeting through buildings to Mon El beating down his own kind, to the ultimately very simplistic one on one fight between Kara and Rhea, I love it when the show goes all out on the action front. It real elevates the overall feel of the episodes and where characters like Maggie got her turn last week, this week characters like J’onn got to have their turn.

Cat and Kara have a heart to heart.

Again we were presented with another pod mystery for the cliffhanger. Last season this ended up being Mon El. This season the pod inhabitant is very clearly intended to be a villain for the show. There is speculation circling the internet on which comic book villain this could be – with a variety of potentials being pitched – but no one seems certain yet precisely who the pod contains.

We only know it is a baby – placed into the pod by some kind of skull and blood cult (there is a skill icon on the wall and the cult place blood on the child) – who is cautiously referred to as “it”, which to me implies that it might be a female character, or that it might be something monstrous in its visage.

There were definitely some lame quips this week – “sorry, not sorry” and “well, at least he tried” – but other than those slight moments of cheese, this was a really good episode. It has pleased me immensely to see the show pick itself up for its final couple of episodes. It places us in a great position for Season 3.

While The Nerd Recites will no longer be covering the other The CW shows going forward, we will continue to cover Supergirl for all future episodes, so be sure to join us next season for more in depth reviews and analysis.

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