Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 20 review – City of Lost Children

By ·May 11, 2017 9:02 am

This review contains spoilers.

With presumably only one or two episodes remaining (last season had only 20 episodes and there are reports of this season perhaps having 22), the show finally seems to have revealed its endgame focus, settling on the Daxoms as the primary antagonists.

This was showcased by Rhea manipulating Lena (who – as suspected – had no idea who she was really helping) in order to create a portal. Rhea then used this portal to bring an entire fleet of surviving Daxomites to Earth. A multitude of different sized ships poured through the violet gateway, resulting in the biggest antagonistic alien fleet since the Dominators.

I don’t expect the Daxom’s to arbitrarily attack Earth – they are a far more rational and poised culture than that – but if faced with Rhea’s orders to do so, then fealty will likely outweigh logic, and we might see an Earth versus Daxom war. That would be an interesting end to what has been quite an unsteady and unfocused season. It also might create a reason for Superman to return and assist with the fight.

James felt like he was the central pivot of this episode – between his concern that Guardian isn’t what he should be and the bond that he formed with Marcus, it was nice to see James get some heavy screen time when he’s not in the Guardian suit (James has always been at his best when he is simply just James).

James proved to be a great role model and Father-figure for Marcus.

Visually, the episode held some laughingly poor moments, like Marcus’ floating looking very clearly like they were just hanging the child from some wires, and also some utterly beautiful visuals – mainly the shot of Kara from behind as she rises from the dust to witness the fleet of Daxom ships drift through the portal.

Moments like that cute little Batman reference that Winn made – putting a risen finger by his temple to replicate Batman’s cowl ears, then stating “I feel like they’re more frenemies” – lifted what would otherwise have been an episode of telekinetic mediocrity.

That final scene of the arriving fleet has given me some hope that the final few episodes will lift in quality and that the writers won’t trip over too many villains (Cadmus, a potentially side-switching Lena, Rhea). The Daxomites and Rhea will hopefully be the sole endgame focus and I’m eager to see how that will play out.

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