Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 2 review – The Last Children of Krypton

By ·October 18, 2016 10:40 pm

This week was full of superb action, as well as a couple of surprising character farewells. We address the Metallos, Snapper Carr, Cat’s decision and more in our spoiler-heavy review of this week’s episode.

Before diving into the episode content, we have to take a moment to marvel at the poster that The CW released this week, ahead of the episode airing. Just like they’ve done previously with replicating The Flash comic book covers, The CW chose to deliberately re-stage one of the best-known comic book covers of all time – Superman grieving as he holds a seemingly dead Supergirl, in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

We’ve placed the cover and the poster side by side underneath and you can see that not only is Supergirl’s pose replicated down to perfection (which you don’t often see in re-stagings of this kind), but they’ve even used the exact pricing ($1.25), tag line ‘THIS IS IT! DOUBLE-SIZE SHOCKER!’, font and text colours. The only significant changes are Superman not being wrought with grief (which makes sense, as Supergirl was only mildly injured in this week’s episode) and there aren’t masses of heroes behind the cousins (again, this only relates to the Crisis storyline). In short, we adore the poster and the lengths that The CW go to in order to make reference to the comics and to satiate fans.


The infamous Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book cover was replicated identically by The CW in an old school-style poster for this week’s episode.

The thing that stood out for us the most this week was the action (and effects used to compliment this action). From Kara and Kal crushing each side of a car to the gunfight with Alex running through the warehouse, the quality and power of these sequences felt very cinematic and expertly choreographed. The show certainly already held excellent action in Season 1 (and perhaps it’s just because it’s been a while since we watched that season) but rarely did it stand out for us as much as it did in this episode. This can no doubt be attributed to The CW taking the helm, but the odd thing about that is: even The FlashArrow and Legends of Tomorrow don’t hold action quite as superb as we witnessed here.

As soon as Kal mentioned that he’d like to return to Metropolis our hearts sank a little. Why bring him in for so brief a run, just to send him back so soon, was our thought process. For a moment it looked like the two Metallos (who we wanted to see stripped down to just their skeletons, but alas, no luck) would cause him to stay, and he did, but only to defeat them, then he retreated back to Metropolis at the end of the episode, vocalising to his journalistic superiors that “I’ll never be gone that long again”. No doubt he will be back (or, like Kara said – she’ll have a stint in Metropolis at some point), but to execute this farewell only two mere episodes into Season 2 seems a little hasty and unfortunate. On the flip side of this, it does give room for the show to be Kara’s own again, which holds its own merits.

Another drastic change was Cat Grant deciding to leave for new and unconquered experiences. We’re assuming this is a byproduct of the show’s move to Vancouver and Calista Flockhart’s inability to move there for long durations of filming. They could have just lazily cut Cat out of Season 2 altogether, so we we’re grateful and commending of this easing into her leaving. It’s a move that feels like it makes sense for the character too and she did promise to return, which means it’s not the last we’ve seen of her.

Snapper Carr being made an honorary member of The Justice League of America in the comics.

Snapper Carr being made an honorary member of The Justice League of America in the comics.

Snapper Carr was introduced this week. Snapper is a DC character that was introduced in The Brave and the Bold, in 1960. While the character’s first name relates to his habit of snapping his fingers when excited or making a point, later on in the comics this snapping motion afforded Snapper the ability to teleport upon making the motion. Ian Gomez has been given the task of bringing Snapper to life on screen, who so far comes across as a highly arrogant and unfriendly journalist. We’ll have to give the character time to see if he softens at all (and whether he gets his teleportation powers, which we can’t see happening).

The Kal and J’onn feud was given a little more weight this week, with J’onn stating that they would get along if it means that much to Kara. J’onn also revealed to Kal that he speaks Kryptonian and Kal mentioned that they should have been allies (which of course they are in certain iterations of the Justice League). J’onn morphing into a little girl dressed as a Supergirl fan was cute (if a little odd) and certainly took us by surprise (which proves how effective a disguise it was).

Other nice little moments included Kal highlighting: “If the bullets don’t work, why the punching?” which is no doubt poking fun at older Superman adaptations, in which criminals actively try to punch Kal after attempting to shoot him. We also liked the two very quick fly-in clothing changes that happened towards the end of the episode. These were both Kara and then Kal (in separate locations) using a post to mask their super speed costume changes into Kara Danvers and Clark Kent clothing, respectively, before each looked around nervously after to see if anyone in the vicinity had spotted them.

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