Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 19 review – Alex

By ·May 2, 2017 7:16 pm

This review contains spoilers.

After last week’s less than stellar effort, it was nice to see the show return to form a little, with an episode that felt more like a procedural thriller than a comic book episode. Alex was kidnapped by a villain named Rick Malverne (David Hoflin), who seemed to have all avenues carefully considered. The team tried every means possible to find and rescue Alex without giving into Rick’s request to free his father from prison (the glorious Gregg Henry in a surprisingly small role, as Peter Thompson).

It’s a very simple set-up and one that we’ve seen hundreds of times in other shows; a member of the team is kidnapped and trapped in a prison that will eventually kill them and the team are against the clock to rescue their colleague. What it did allow is for is some interesting friction between Kara and Maggie.

Maggie’s view was that sister doesn’t trump lover, but I’m inclined to agree with Kara on this one – only because Alex and Maggie’s relationship is still fairly new. Kara has loved Alex for years, but Maggie has only loved Alex for a very short amount of time. So in my eyes – for this particular situation – sister definitely trumps lover.

That’s not to say that Maggie doesn’t love Alex dearly, however, as Rick was conniving enough to point out (“…finding out which one of you loves her more; honestly, I wouldn’t know where to place my bet”). It was also interesting to see Kara entirely helpless to find Alex, despite her powers, and to see her wrestle with the notion of giving into Rick’s terrorist demands.

An unimpressed Supergirl, scowling at Rick Malverne.

I think Peter’s decision to help Kara was one that’s been carefully placed. Villains (he’s in jail, so he’s a convict at the very least) don’t normally give in and side with the good guys, so I’m anticipating that this small change of heart (“be a father”) is somewhat of a foreshadowing of what’s to come. By which I mean a parent changing their mind and putting their child first. This could be Rhea putting Mon El first and allowing him to live on Earth, or perhaps Lillian putting Lena first and halting her villainy for the sake of her daughter.

We saw Lena decide to side with Rhea this week, after telling Kara that she figured out her an answer to own desire for advice. Lena was abruptly against joining Rhea earlier on in the episode, then softened to “thinking about it” after Rhea put across her case once more, but this time in her true attire.

The closing scene showed Lena aligning with Rhea, but like I’ve said before, just like Kara does, I think we need to have trust in Lena; trust that this choice isn’t a turn to the dark side. She either doesn’t really know she’s doing or she’s trying to play Rhea and get close to her.

What still remains a mystery is what this season’s endgame will be. Will Cadmus be the big bag or will Rhea? Or might it even be Lena? The season needs a little more focus as it heads into its final episodes. I really want a third season from this show, so I’m eager for Season 2 to end on as strong of a note as possible.

Personally, I think the best route would be to ditch the Rhea arc (as good as Hatcher is) and to focus on Cadmus and Lena. Because the writers have invested far more time in developing those threads this season, so it would be more satisfying to see those paid off before the season closes out, rather than having Rhea steal the limelight in the final few moments of the season.

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