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By ·April 25, 2017 4:18 pm

This review contains spoilers.

Many strong shows and seasons have their duff episodes and this was Supergirl Season 2’s. Stuck between a droll nano bot case-of-the-week (any villain that has a bug swarm appearance is usually bad – see Supernatural) and yet another Guardian dilemma, it’s an episode that only marginally lived up to its promising title of ‘Ace Reporter’.

Kara being bored and National City having no need of Supergirl I can buy into as an out of the norm concept for the show. There is always crime, of course, but James seemed to be handling this himself on the side, freeing up Kara for journalistic adventures. Kara’s journalism career only gets a skirting glance on the show, so it was nice to have some time dedicated to it.

It’s just a shame that the villain and focus was so poor. Having an enemy represented as a writhing swarm (and not an alien, which makes it less interesting) is a choice that has never really worked visually for me. One of Supernatural‘s very worst episodes is titled ‘Bugs’ and it suffered from similar flaws. Many other shows have tried this too, without much success.

Kara and Mon El conducting their our journalistic sleuthing.

It was unveiled that Jack Spheer (Rahul Kohli) was actually the nano bots, before it was unveiled that he wasn’t in control at all and that Beth Breen (Claudia Doumit) was behind everything. I can see how this plot gave Kara something to win Snapper over with (which was a nice scene to witness), but I just found the entire thing tedious.

This was sandwiched by Guardian’s escapades on the side, which for me has always been the weakest card in this season’s deck. James asked Winn to keep Lyra away, before changing his mind an inviting her after all (ending in a cute or terrifying cat comment, depending on whether you think Lyra was joking or not).

Rhea presenting a “business proposition” to Lena could be the beginning of our endgame focus, which could be to see Lena turn to the dark side. But I don’t think Lena will accept whatever Rhea has to offer, or she might pretend to accept then work against her. I feel like a late game switch of Lena’s loyalties would undermine everything that the writers have been building this season between her and Kara.

Kara’s white and blue outfit might have been stunning, but this episode left a lot to be desired. With the show approaching its endgame episodes, it’s going to need to achieve a little more than this in order to both create a strong finale and achieve a third season. Next week’s episode concerns Alex being kidnapped, so let’s hope the show returns to its usual strengths.

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