Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 16 – Star-Crossed

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This review contains spoilers.

If you happened to glance at the synopsis of this episode before viewing it, you might have been left a little scorned. This is because part of the synopsis reads: ‘she faces an attack by the Music Meister’. All those following the DC/The CW shows know that the true musical episode is the next episode of The Flash, as was clearly pointed out by the rather marvellous ‘dynamic duet’ poster that was released.

That being said, however, it was unclear whether the musical content would begin within this episode and then continue within The Flash. The synopsis certainly implied that, but, what occurred was simply a repeat of what happened with the previous four-show crossover event; Supergirl kicked it off with nothing more than a simple closing scene and all of the other shows got to reap the benefits.

Yet again, Supergirl was made to feel like nothing more than a springboard this week, with the Music Meister only showing up in the very final moments of the episode, without a single note of song sung from our cast. It does leave me very eager for The Flash (thankfully we only have to wait one day, rather than a week), but it seems an example of the Supergirl writers not learning from their prior mistakes.

Although this episode was probably written before the fan lash back on the last crossover event, a little foresight on the part of the writers wouldn’t have hurt. All that was needed here would have been for the Music Meister to have played a larger role, as the key antagonist of this episode, then he could have escalated his mischief within The Flash episode. Not doing that feels almost insulting to Supergirl, like it’s being claimed as the lesser of the two shows (or the lesser of the four shows, in the prior crossover), while the opposite is often the case.

Those gripes aside, this was a rather good episode. It flowed beautifully and kept me glued. This was partly the adept handling of Winn and Lyra’s storyline. Watching Winn finally ignite with someone was always pleasing, so to have that ripped asunder was quite a gut punch, for both him and myself. What happened allowed both Jeremy Jordan and Tamzin Merchant to showcase their talents in a wide range of manners; from passionate lovers, to spurned lover, to callous con artist, to a return of affection once more.

Mon El with his parents, Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand.

I truly hope that Lyra doesn’t leave. Winn was strong enough to forgive her (I don’t think I would have, but it’s his choice), in a move that was designed to juxtapose Kara’s inability to forgive Mon El. All of this lead to the very surprising outcome that was Kara dumping Mon El.

Credit has to be given to the writers for meandering around expectations on this, because my assumption was very much that Kara would forgive Mon El (due to the forgiveness theme and the general tone of the show), which would have resulted in a very pointless circular narrative, but the writers instead delivered a very nice (if bitter) surprise, hurting Mon El severely in the process.

Like Winn though, at least Mon El was strong enough to still recognise the positive qualities that Kara brought into his life. It’s a strong person who can look back upon his own life and face the fact that he was a disgrace. Mon El not only recognised this but was able to stand up to his parents and make the firm decision to stay on Earth. Which means that there might be hope for him and Kara yet.

As much as I would have preferred the Music Meister as the villain, Mandrax provided quite an interesting side-antagonist this week. At least one that is better and more memorable than many of the antagonists-of-the-week that the DC/The CW shows present. Hatcher and Sorbo’s characters being Mon El’s parents was a surprise to me (even though it shouldn’t have been); I had always assumed that the ship hunting Mon El carried aliens who held ill intent against Mon El.

Kara’s “Nancy Drew the crap out of this” and Winn’s posit that he and Cisco would be “BFFs” if they “lived in the same dimension” were two superb lines this week. Overall, it’s a shame about the springboard error, but at least Kara will be in the full Music Meister episode and at least we will get to hear Melissa and presumably Grant sing their hearts out.

Revisit The Nerd Recites tomorrow for a review of that episode, which is titled ‘Duet’. In the spirit of the forgiveness theme, I can forgive the writers the springboard error, as long as ‘Duet’ is strong enough to make up for it.

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