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By ·March 8, 2017 1:25 pm

This review contains spoilers.

One of the things that makes this show so great is those unique moments in which Supergirl draws from deep inside to complete a feet on the outskirts of even her exceptional abilities. During these moments the music ramps up with beauty and Melissa Benoist wrings her emotions out to the extreme, resulting in very powerful and moving television. This was one of those episodes. Kara managed to prevent the escape of a spaceship, mid-space, by going above and beyond, with the aid of Alex’s motivational words.

It seems that – despite the very close side-by-side that I provided last week – I was incorrect about the ship that Cadmus held being the same ship as the one that is hunting for Mon El. This was a more rounded, chubbier vessel and the clincher for this was the fact that the ship hunting Mon El turned up, separately, at the end of the episode, carrying none other than Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo. If you follow Kevin Smith and his podcasts, you’ll have known for a while already that these two would be brought into play. What we didn’t know was that they would be playing two of the hooded characters who are seeking Mon El.

After the familial upset of last week, it was nice to see Alex manage to convince Jeremiah to about turn on his deal with Cadmus. His deal was always in place to protect his family and that should always be the priority, but when it comes down to it you simply cannot trust people like Lillian Luthor. It’s also heartening that Jeremiah has enough confidence in his daughter to believe her when she states that they can all protect one another.

Supergirl, talking with Lena Luthor.

Some silly moments this week included one of the men who dropped Lena over the roof placing his hand comically to his chin afterwards, as though signifying ‘Oops; what will we do now?’. It wasn’t needed at all and it lowered the effectiveness of this entire scene. Equally, when the Alex and Maggie saved an alien from capture and he marvelled at their kissing, the tone was lowered, through this, in the writers’ grasp for comedy.

It was nice to see some journalist dilemma come Kara’s way. Although we as viewers always want to see her undertaking heroic Supergirl actions, she does have a day job after all, and the writers tied in her desire to shed the light on Cadmus in with this nicely. Snapper is forever brutal and immovable, but at least he explained his vehement stance on the need for multiple sources at the end of the episode (with a nice little dig at Donald Trump included).

This episode held a mix of silly and very powerful content. I’ve heard Smith talk about Hatcher and Sorbo’s inclusion for a while now, so it’s nice to see their characters finally appear on the show. It’s unclear just how far away Kevin Smith’s next directorial effort on Supergirl is, but it seems pretty far off given that he only recently posted set pictures of himself during filming. Other than Hatcher and Sorbo, it’s also nice to see that Lynda Carter will be returning for his episode.

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