Supergirl: Season 2 Episode 14 review – Homecoming

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This review contains spoilers.

After the glorious episode that was last week’s, it makes sense that this week would be far less impressive, by comparison. What we got was an episode about Jeremiah Danvers’ return and whether his homecoming held genuine intentions, or secret sinister intent. This resulted in an episode full of arguments, accusations and emotional injury.

For who can you trust if not your own Father? In this instance Jeremiah was actively being deceitful in his return and his loyalties clearly lay with Cadmus for the immediate term. However, it is also clear that his true heart lays with his family (as evidenced by his fear of the tree falling on Alex). What he has with Cadmus is simply a “deal”; presumably one that involves them swearing not to harm his family. While that in and of itself is certainly a betrayal of his daughters, of J’onn and of the DEO, you can bet for certain that in his head it makes sense. That’s why he’s going to such extreme lengths to see it through, as villainous as he is appearing in the process.

Mon El is another character who didn’t undertake the best of actions this week. Perhaps it is some kind of Daxom lack of custom, but accusing your new girlfriend’s father in their own home amidst celebrations of his return is never the right path to take. He should have taken Kara aside quietly to air his suspicions, which would have still resulted in her anger, true, but at least it wouldn’t have held the added sting of open rudeness. The only way that Mon El would have been forgiven here is if he turned out to be right, so it was clear that the plot was heading in this direction.

The alien space craft – as viewed from above – in Season 2, Epsiode 8, which is populated by the race who are hunting down Mon El. Shown for comparison against the below image.

As well as Mon El and Kara bickering, Alex and Kara had their fair share of raging at one another too. Alex’s stance here was understandable, but she was a little too vicious in her words against her sister. With people like Alex, family is everything to them and they can’t conceive of being betrayed by family members that they wholly trust (and wholly miss, in this situation). Kara loves and missed Jeremiah too, but she had the sense to think clearly (albeit after Mon El and Winn approached her), without the haze of family love, which shows a little more maturity and rationality than her sister holds.

Alex has truly swung around from being fully supportive of Mon El dating her sister, to being actively against him. In this sense of flipping from one extreme to the other, both her and Maggie are suited. Yet another emotional injury was J’onn feeling betrayed by Jeremiah. This very episode J’onn welcomed Jeremiah home as his rare kind of friend, which no doubt made the betrayal hurt all the more. You can hear it in J’onn’s voice when he’s shouting at Jeremiah, which is elevated beyond a rational audible level due to his inner pain.

I wasn’t wholly fond of the train set piece this week. It seemed a little unrealistic that Kara would successfully perform lazer-eye welding and cool this down before the train exited the tunnel. Then even more unrealistic that the newly placed beam (the beam that Kara wasn’t holding) would hold when the train travelled over it. The beam that Kara was holding would also have to have been held in place to such perfect alignment. It’s a superhero show, so unrealistic bouts of heroism should be expected, but other than it looking cool and it harking back to the kind of simplistic heroism that you might find in the earliest Supergirl comics, this one didn’t do a great deal for me.

The alien space craft at the end of this week’s episode.

The closing reveal was one of intrigue. The large black ship docked with Cadmus is probably the same ship that we saw in Season 2, Episode 8 ‘Medusa’. In ‘Medusa’ there was a brief scene that showed an alien race (not the Dominators) hunting “Mon El of Daxom”. It is unclear who these beings are at this stage, with several theories circulating the internet such as it possibly being a race called the Durlans. These beings are masked and cloaked at this point, so knowing precisely what lays underneath is difficult and the potentialities of what this could be are somewhat exciting.

If you look at the two images above, the two ships look like they could very well be one and the same. This means that the line spoken this week “soon the Earth will be free, forever” might very well mean that Cadmus is seeking to hand Mon El over to this alien race (thereby the Earth being free of him), in return for something (from which Jeremiah’s family is exempt from harm, due to his deal). That would be my best bet, as it creates a reason for our characters to band together to try to save Mon El (some more eagerly than others).

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