Super Mario Maker gets more difficulty, more features and a pink coin

By ·March 9, 2016 11:30 am

Super Mario Maker for the Wii U gets a fresh content update today. The update adds new modes, new features and additional items to the already impressive level creator game.

In a nostalgic move the update adds in the key item from the Super NES era of Mario games. The key item allows you to unlock doors and keyholes within your levels adding more dimension and puzzle solving capability to the levels you can create.

One interesting feature of the key item is that it can be attached to enemies in your levels, forcing you to defeat your opponent before you can get the key. Can anybody say mandatory boss battles!

Alongside the key item we are also given the pink coin. The cool thing about the pink coin is that when you’ve collected all of them from a level you are then presented with a key item. This can be put to good use for a more challenging level that won’t progress until you’ve truly covered all of it.

The skewer obstacle is now available thanks to this upodate, you may remember this from Super Mario World. This huge coloumn only goal in life is to come crashing down and turn you into Goomba snacks.

Finally this update brings a new “Super Expert” difficulty to the 100-Mario challenge. The difficulty level will pluck challenge courses that have been categorized as “Super Expert”. If you can defeat the 100-Mario challenge at this level five new Mystery Mushroom costumes can be won

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Written by Michael James Ilett


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