South Park: Season 20 Episode 6 review – Fort Collins

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After weeks of waiting, dear readers, it has finally happened: the Memberberries are putting their plan into action. It’s no secret that I’ve enjoyed certain storylines way more than the others this season, but they’re all coming together slowly but surely. Fort Collins is an episode that amps up the number of actual jokes, finally, something which has been slightly lacking over the past few weeks. I believe episode six is the funniest episode of South Park season twenty thus far, and I’m so happy with the way things are progressing. We may as well start with my favourite aspect of Fort Collins -the Memberberries.

Even when they’re scheming, these little bastards are so goddamn adorable. We still don’t really know what the fuck they are up to, but whatever it is, it can’t be good. I don’t even care; just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, guys. Luckily for them, they seem to be impervious to any damage that could be inflicted en masse, so despite Randy’s best efforts to find a way to obliterate the Memberberries before their evil plot can come into fruition, it would appear that the berries are here to stay; unless Randy wants to go out and step on them one by one, I suppose. By this point, it won’t really surprise you guys when I say that Memberberries quickly became one of my favourite set of characters from the entire history of the show. It must be down to the way they talk and the things they say.

The highlight of the episode comes from the berries themselves. After escaping Randy’s house and his attempts to discover a way to destroy them, the Memberberries are seen driving a little white car down the road on their way to put the next part of their plan into action. This whole scene was amazing. Their little happy faces while listening to Toto, angrily telling off the berry in the trunk, and then returning to their seats to continue listening to the song they member so fondly.


Member “Africa” by Toto? Ooh, I member.

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That one berry from the trunk of the car, they eventually drop it into Caitlyn Jenner’s drink at the end of the episode and I’m not entirely sure why the other berries treat it with such animosity. It was battered, bruised, and, for some reason, bleeding (not berry juice, but blood), and the ringleader referred to it as “arsehole” later in the episode. I can’t help but feel like something was cut out. I hope somebody can work out why because I have no clue. The only thing I can think of is that this is a reference to The Goodfellas, because these are Memberberries, after all, but I can’t figure out if I’m reaching with that, or if that was the intention. Other than that, I loved the Memberberries as usual, and I’m so happy that they’re finally taking their place in the spotlight. I truly believe these guys are going to go down as a fan favourite.

Elsewhere in South Park, things are going from good, to bad, to worse for Gerald, A.K.A. SkankHunt42. Oh, by the way, shout out to Gerald, because I notice that he’s a frequent reader of The Nerd Recites. Relieved that Denmark has been defeated, Gerald resumes his online activities safe in the knowledge that nobody will ever know who he really is. Unhappily, however, Dildo Swaggins believes that there is more work to be done and that Denmark was simply the beginning. After brushing off Dildo and his horde of trolls, Gerald is finally free to do as he pleases; that is until the shit hits the fan and Denmark’s becomes operational (in no small part to Heidi’s emoji analysis).

The title of this episode refers to Alderaan Fort Collins, the city where Denmark decides to test out its new super-weapon. Fort Collins just happens to be the hometown of a certain troll that goes by the name of MLKKK, one of Dildo’s allies. As Fork Collins starts to fall apart and panicked citizens break down due to their entire internet history being revealed, one man and his little girl are out for revenge against the man who referred to his daughter as R2-D2. Now, this is classic South Park humour. Such an easy joke to make, but it hits its mark, while also showing the extreme dangers of being a troll, I guess? MLKKK may have been a professional arsehole, but after Dildo’s speech about how the group is made up of folk who have been bullied, who have been made to feel like shit, and are now social outcasts, I actually felt bad for the guy.


Still, that’s what you get for being an arsehole.

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It’s only a matter of time before the Danish and Heidi close in on Gerald. I wonder if it will result in his demise. I only mention that because that seems to be the usual way South Park deals with antagonists. They either die, or they eat their parents. If Gerald does get killed off, it would be interesting to see what effect this would have on his son Kyle. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. This is South Park, after all, and literally anything could happen. You can’t ask for logic in a show that has talking berries driving a car.

I mentioned Heidi in that last paragraph, and that’s because she has become a major player in the war against trolls. Using her ingenious emoji analysis technique, Heidi has set out to prove once and for all just who the person behind SkankHunt42 is; having already come to the conclusion that it is one of the parents of a South Park Elementary student. Boy, will Kyle’s face be red when the truth is discovered. I am actually looking forward to seeing how everybody will react when they discover SkankHunt42’s identity.

This season, we’ve seen a very tame Eric Cartman; it’s so weird. He isn’t being offensive, he isn’t trying to destroy anybody, nor is he hating on Kyle. This week we got to see inside the mind of Cartman as he daydreams about a colony on Mars, populated by people that live inside vagina shaped buildings with balls at the base; and I may end up eating my words, but I’m starting to think that maybe Cartman is being genuine for once. It’s just so bloody difficult to tell with him. As soon as you let your guard down, he reveals himself and you realise how much of a moron you’ve been ever thinking that he could be anything other than a dickhead. But anyway, we do get a glimpse that the Eric Cartman we all know is still around. As Kyle explains that once is up and running, the whole world, including Heidi, will be able to see his entire internet activity. Panicking, he rushes off to Heidi to explain himself, but rather than telling her the truth, he reverts back to his older self and blames everything on somebody else. This is undoubtedly going to be his undoing. That boy has well and truly fucked up.


Say goodbye to your vagina towers, Eric.

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Over all, Fort Collins was a highly entertaining episode, and it has me really looking forward to whatever may be coming up next week. But for now, once again, we’ve reached the end of the review, my friends. Did you enjoy the episode? Surely you did. Let me know in the comments below what you thought about the events of Fort Collins, the Memberberries, and your theories as to what will happen next. Until next week, you take care of yourselves, and remember to lay off those Memberberries. They’re not good for you.

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