Sideshow Collectibles debut their awe-inspiring Alien King maquette

By ·April 27, 2016 12:28 am

Sideshow Collectibles has just debuted its all new and all fearsome Alien King (Internecivus raptus rex) on none other than Alien Day (#AlienDay426). This mega Alien is the brain child of Legacy Effects (FX team who worked on Aliens) and the Sideshow creative team.

The new Xenomorph clearly takes its inspiration from the classic Alien Queen we all love and know but they have made it much more masculine as opposed the very Giger-esque feminimity that we see in not just the Alien Queen but also in the original Xenomorphs. The Alien King has a much larger carapace and horns compared to the Queen alongside deadlier claws, its stature is also enormous. The base of the maquette is covered in swarming Xenomorphs and if even if each Xenomorph is a mere 7 feet tall, that could make the King roughly 16-20 feet tall depending on posture.

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We have no details surrounding the actual size of the Maquette, it’s pricing, release date or any of its features, though we have contacted sideshow to see if they have any more details to reveal. However what we do currently have is a behind the scenes video from sideshow describing the thought processes behind designing the newest addition to the Xenomorph family.

Will you be buying this jaw-dropping maquette when it hits pre-orders? I know I probably will!

Image Credits: Sideshow Collectibles

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