Show off your fandom this summer with these geek inspired swimsuits

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Summer is coming up, and with it is time to go swimming or relax by the pool. However, just because you’ll be soaking up the sun doesn’t mean you need to put a damper on your fandom pride.

Last year we gave you an array of fandom swimsuits, covering you from your favorite Harry Potter house to which super hero makes you feel the most heroic. Well, now we’re back with even more swimsuits, bikinis, and trunks that will have you thinking of just which fandom you want to be sporting this summer as you take up the waves.

Star Wars

Star Wars bikini and swimsuit set.

Star Wars trunks and swimsuit set.

The force is strong with these Star Wars inspired swimsuits, available for both adults and kids alike! For women there is a galaxy background, Darth Vader bikini set and a cute swimsuit and rash guard for the girls. For men there are two pairs of trunks showing off different characters and a swimsuit and rash guard set for the boys.

You can find the Star Wars bikini at Hottopic, the collage trunks at Target, and the little boy and girl’s swim set, as well as the grey trunks, at Amazon.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter once-piece suits and trunks.

Get your wands and fly off to the beach with these magical Harry Potter swim suits! Show your house pride with these Gryffindor or Slytherin quidditch once-pieces or show off your all around school pride with these Hogwarts swim trunks.

You can find these swimsuits and trunks right at Hottopic!


Super Natural bikini and trunks.

Don’t forget to grab the salt before heading over to the beach! This beautifully blue bikini is sure to show you off your Supernatural side, while these trunks will let everyone know your out to hunt demons.

Grab these swimsuits over at Hottopic.

Super Hero/Villains

Harley, Batman, Wonder Women, and Deadpool Swimsuits

Harley Quinn and Batwomen tops.

DeadPool, Joker, Flash, and Captain America trunks.

Whether you’re out fighting crime or the one causing mayhem, show your side by wearing one these superhero or villain swimsuits! There is two cute Harley Quinn and Batman swimsuits, as well as an extra Harley bottoms and Batwomen top. For the guys, there is a pair of Deadpool, Joker, Flash, and Captain America trunks.

You can get all of these swimsuits and trunks over at Hottopic!


Nightmare Before Christmas and Snow White swim suits.

Alice in Wonderland inspired swimsuits.

Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and Beauty and the Beast swimsuits.

Whether you’re looking for your prince charming or scheming to steal Christmas, I’m sure all of us Disney lovers can agree on these wonderful swimsuits. You can show off as Jack in this cute once piece or Sally in this fun bikini. If you’re looking to bring out your princess side, then go with this Snow white inspired bikini, or hop into the rabbit hole as Alice, the Queen of Hearts, or the Cheshire Cat.

You can get all of these Disney swimsuits, plus more, at Hottopic!


Sailor Moon like swimsuits.

Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Naruto trunks.

In the name of the moon, these swimsuits will look great on you! While these sailor bikinis aren’t listed as Sailor suits, they’re close enough for us to give them the thumbs up! These Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Pokemon trunks are also great to show off your skills, get you into Naruto vs. Goku debates, or to show others you’re ready to catch ’em all.

Go catch these sailor swimsuits and anime trunks over at Hottopic!

Video Games

Overwatch, League of Legends, and Mass Effects swimsuits

Mario trunks.

Get ready to game with these awesome video game inspired swimsuits! There is an adorable D.VA one piece that mimics her outfit in game, a Jinx inspired bikini, and even a Mass Effects bikini that mimics the suit in games. We also can’t forget the ever classic Mario with these cool trunks that show off all the little enemies and power ups.

Get the D.VA Overwatch one piece at Syndromestore, the Jinx League of Legends bikini over at KawaiianPizzaApparel, the Mass Effects bikini at Fit2btiedclothing, and the trunks over at Merchoid.

Dr. Who

Show off the iconic symbol of your fandom with this two piece swimsuit or these swim trunks. You also don’t have to worry about these Tardises being bigger than they seem, as they come in an array of sizes!

Get the swim top and bottoms at Hottopic and the trunks over at the BBC Shop!

Star Trek

No matter what your speciality is, you can be apart of the USS Enterprise’s crew with these cute swim suits. You can pick between cute two pieces or sexy bikinis as you show others that you are ready to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Get the first two swim suits over at Thinkgeek and the two bikinis over at Fit2btiedclothing!

All of these swimsuits are perfect for swimming and showing off your favourite fandoms/characters. We can all come together to appreciate what we all love and even make friends on the way during our summer vacation. Don’t forget to tell us which of these swimsuits are your favourite!

Image Credits: Images are copyrighted to the respective stores selling those items, all of which are linked within this post.


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