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By ·September 14, 2017 2:37 pm

The @DarkMatterFTL Twitter campaign continues, in a fan effort to save Dark Matter. While some of this group’s previous hashtags have been very questionable, the hashtags choices this week have been better.

Every day this week, the group have been coming up with different hashtags to keep fans active and tweeting, all in the lead up to the second official Tweet assault, which will be this Friday 15th (tomorrow).

About tomorrow and last Friday’s tweet storm, Joseph Mallozzi said this:

Last week saw us trending in the U.S. for about four hours, hit #2 in Canada and L.A., #1 in New York, with over 210 ooo tweets. This week, I’m thinking we’re going to do even better.

Below I summarise all of the hashtags that we saw this week, before we head into tomorrow’s all-important second Friday tweet war.

Monday – #DarkMatterSongs

Monday’s ‘just for fun’ hashtag was #DarkMatterSongs, which saw fans place Dark Matter content into song titles. Some of the better examples included:

This quirky hashtag devised by @imwebgurl brought fun and also opportunities for fan inventiveness and interaction. I’m on board with it. The cast were too.

Tuesday – #DarkMatterMovies

Following in the same vein, then came #DarkMatterMovies. As you can guess, this gave fans the opportunity to insert Dark Matter content into film titles. The results were just as inventive:

This worked wonderfully – it once again got everyone involved and it was just as fun as Monday’s hashtag.

Wednesday and Thursday – #DarkMatterMoments

Here things got a little more serious (and appropriately so, to lead us slowly into the serious Friday effort), but proved just as fun. The group asked fans to tweet their favourite moments of the show, alongside the hashtag #DarkMatterMoments. Here’s a few favourite moments from fans:

Joseph Mallozzi did a whole bunch of these himself too. Here’s one of the many that he posted:

Friday – get ready to tweet

This week was a considerable improvement on the prior week’s blunders by @DarkMatterFTL. The most important hashtag though will be tomorrow’s (Friday’s), so let’s see what the group come up with. Hopefully it will be something both fun and relevant to our cause.

Remember to take part and help to get the hashtag trending.

There is also a Reddit AMA going on tomorrow, with Joseph Mallozzi and several members of the cast.

Image credits: SyFy

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