Saving Dark Matter – 11th hour scrambles and hashtag unity

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This week saw the chances of Dark Matter‘s survival grow slim. With potential backers dropping out and sets being lost, the future is looking like a scary one for Dark Matter fans. True to their passion though, the Dark Matter fandom banded together once more and used some of the very best and most unifying hashtags yet.

The Friday hashtag choice trended once more, but in this late-game scramble, trending might not be enough to do the trick. All hope isn’t lost yet, however – there’s still one more backer who might pick up the show for a mini-series. It’s important to keep optimistic, but it’s also important to brace ourselves for this perhaps being the end of our beloved show.

If you missed any of the week’s twists and turns, I’m here to catch you up on everything that happened.

A mash-up poster that advertises the #TeamRaza hashtag, the cast AMA and the tweet storm.

Early week – waiting on a saviour

The early week saw Joseph Mallozzi eagerly waiting for an answer from a backer who could save the show. This potential saviour took their time to come back with a decision, leading Joseph Mallozzi to write, in frustration:

As another day comes and goes without word, my writerly mind goes places. Have they forgetten about us? Did the individual we were talking to go on vacation and forget to tell anyone? Is he or she trapped under a fallen refrigerator, hoping against hope that someone will send help, blindly assuming: “I was supposed to get back to them on Friday! I didn’t, so they’re going to assume something is wrong and send help!”. How long can someone go without water? We’re going on five days now!

In lieu of a response, Joseph Mallozzi explored some of the potential forms that the show could be revived in:

  • A 26-episode 2 season order – this ‘scary’ option, as Joseph Mallozzi put it, would mean coming up with 26 scripts in a compressed time-frame
  • A single-season 13 episode order – this ‘business as usual’ approach would be exactly what Joseph Mallozzi is used to, except he’d ‘take pause’ this time around when deciding whether to end the season on a cliffhanger, or whether to tie up the loose ends, in case the show never got its fifth and final season
  • A miniseries order – the first of the ‘better than nothing’ solutions, this would give the show 6 to 8 episodes to wrap things up, which Joseph Mallozzi stated would be a challenge, but an achievable one
  • A two-hour movie order – the dregs of the solutions, this option would only give Joseph Mallozzi two hours to wrap things up, which would be a huge challenge, but I’d still take this offer over nothing and I’m sure you would too

Wednesday – one saviour standing

Joseph Mallozzi’s Wednesday update began with ‘and then there was one’ – indicating that only one backer now remained, after another potential saviour backed out. This final backer, Joseph Mallozzi stated, was a creative long-shot and he pointed out that if (and a huge ‘if’) it came together, then the show would be looking at the mini-series option.

Joseph Mallozzi explained that the second stage set was now being taken down and that he was thinking of ways to relocate the sets, to buy more time. All in all, the situation here looked (and continues to look) very dire for the show. Joseph Mallozzi described it as being ‘an 11th hour life or death scramble’, reinforcing this with a GIF of a man on the edge of a sucking hole, trying not to fall in.

Thursday – #TeamRaza

On the fandom-front, Thursday saw @DarkMatterFTL do what we’ve been suggesting all along – they used the great hashtag #TeamRaza (the very hashtag that was intended for use early-on in the campaign). But instead of using it for that all important Friday tweet storm, they applied it to Thursday instead (no bad thing – I’m just happy to see it used at all).

Coupled with this was the request for fans to tell people what they love about Dark Matter and to tag the people who inspired your love for SF. The latter is a bold move, as it draws in people who potentially have nothing to do with the show at all, some of whom might not even know of its existence. In this late game, however, such exaggerated moves are critical, to grab support where we can.

Friday – #WeAreTheRaza

Wonderfully, @DarkMatterFTL’s chosen secret hashtag this week proved even better than #TeamRaza. #WeAreTheRaza was the choice – it focuses in on the fans, not on any external party to save us, but I love it nonetheless. It shows unity, pride and a strength to stand strong, even in this 11th hour scramble.

The hashtag trended in Canada once again (it seems the home turf is where the Dark Matter fans are most passionate and most able to participate with the Tweeting time slot):

Joseph Mallozzi hasn’t posted a blog update, at the time of writing, since early Friday (before the #WeAreTheRaza hashtag was revealed). Whichever way this swings (I’m still crossing my fingers for a revival, in any form), we’ll cover the outcome.

Image credits: SyFy, Joseph Mallozzi

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