Riverdale: Season 1 Episode 13 review – Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

By ·May 12, 2017 2:59 pm

This review contains spoilers.

Following the dramatic reveal of the killer last week, Riverdale offered one more Season 1 outing, before we drift off a cliff into the abyssal hiatus ahead of Season 2. After shows give their everything in a penultimate episode, they often treat the finale as somewhat of a calm after the storm (Game of Thrones does this a lot).

Therefore, my expectations weren’t very high for this episode, so it was nice to have them exceeded, even if only a little. This was far from a calm closer – from Cheryl’s dramatic suicide attempt to Fred getting shot, we got more than a little to walk away with.

I loved the visual of Archie’s bloody fists pounding into the pure, white ice. It was depicted in a far bloodier fashion that I though the show would opt for, and the scene was all the more effective for it. It also showed how much our group care about Cheryl, which was nice to see. The writers also gave us a little more Archie and Veronica before we go, including Betty seemingly being fully OK with their coupling.

I expected this episode to perhaps explore Dark Betty a little more, but instead we unexpectedly got Dark Jughead  instead. Not only did characters speak of him having a “dark” side (meaning he is capable of cutting people off and departing), but when offered a Southside Serpents jacket, Jughead immediately took it without hesitation and donned the piece, even knowing that Betty was watching. When he looks at her, his expression is almost like he had even forgotten that she was there.

Jughead choosing to wear the Southside Serpents leather jacket.

It speaks to something inside Jughead that perhaps wants to be like his father. Something so strong they he didn’t even pause for a moment to consider whether to try the jacket on. It’s an interesting route for the show to take for the character and one that I’ll look forward to seeing Season 2 explore.

The other shock moment was Pop’s diner being violently robbed and the narration implying that Fred being shot was no accident. It was hinted that this assault was a direct hit on Fred that was only disguised as a robbery. Whether Fred dies or not (I’m guessing he probably will, as it opens up a new murder mystery), this begs the question of who ordered the hit and who executed it; two more key questions for Season 2 to explore.

As much as I enjoy the show, and as much as I will continue avidly watching, The Nerd Recites won’t be covering Season 2 of Riverdale. This is simply because I have other areas of focus that I would rather spend that time on. A big thank you to those who have stuck with my reviews throughout Season 1.

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