Review: Marvel LEGO Super Heroes – 76079 Ravager Attack (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is released in the UK today and that means it’s time to review some of the great LEGO sets that were released March 1st to support the film.

The set we’re reviewing in this instance is the fantastic (76079) Ravager Attack set, the smallest of the three Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 LEGO sets. Before we jump into the review it should be noted that while we were given the set to review without cost by the PR team at LEGO, all views and opinions expressed in this review are wholly mine.

LEGO’s Ravager Attack (76079) set is a humble set but packs a lot in for it’s RRP of £19.99, for the price you get 197 pieces of LEGO, a small scenery display, a Ravager ship and three minifigures; Mantis, Rocket and Taserface. You can read the the official set description below:

Stage a forest face-off between Taserface in his M-ship, featuring four stud shooters and a minifigure cockpit, and Rocket and Mantis, who are hiding in the forest setting featuring a buildable tree with branch elements. Help the two Guardians of the Galaxy build the six-stud shooter, then fire at the approaching M-ship and work as a team to fend off the Ravagers. Includes three minifigures: Mantis, Rocket and Taserface.

Let’s start this review proper with a look at the small amount of scenery that comes with the set. In what is essentially a small segment of alien forest the designers at LEGO have packed a hefty amount of detail and play. In terms of detail, the biggest feature is a simple, yet good looking and jagged tree with vines measuring around 8cm tall. It may only be a few bricks worth of LEGO but it looks great.

Different angles of the forest scenery included with the Ravager Attack LEGO set. Note the damaged fin from the Guardians’ Milano ship.

The scenery segment also features a damaged part of the Guardians’ Milano ship, it looks very much to be one of the small fins from the ends of the ship’s wings and as such sports blue and orange livery.

Finally to round out the forest scene we have a six-stud shooter loaded with clear blue studs which is of course, the perfect weapon for Mantis and Rocket to shoot down the Ravager ship. There’s plenty of play to be had with the six-stud shooter but as always keep an eye on those studs, they get lost crazy quick.

Taserface’s M-Ship forms the obvious bulk of this LEGO set and in the end it’s a worthwhile build, it’s the only part of the set that I’d display and I imagine it would also be the main point of play for younger LEGO fans.

Measuring 17cm wide and 11cm long, the ship comes with a hinged cockpit and four single stud shooters firing clear orange studs. It also sports classic Ravager colours namely black, red and grey which incidentally tie in very nicely with the Taserface minifigure

The Ravager M-Ship comfortably fits the Taserface minifigure. Note the small ravager emblem detailing on the wing.

When it comes to detailing you’ll come across a small cockpit instrument display, a Ravager logo on one of the ship’s wings and a stowed weapon for Taserface to use at the rear of the ship.

Building the ship was a breeze with it being simple enough for the younger audience to put together without adult assistance and even better, the ship only has three stickers to apply. The stickers are used for the Ravager logo on the wing, cockpit display and patterning on the front of the M-Ship.

All in all the Ravager Attack (76079) set comes with three excellent minifigures with two of them, Mantis and Taserface, being brand new characters to the LEGO universe.

Even though we’ve seen Rocket Racoon minifigures before the one included with this set features a completely new outfit and two different brick built guns. As always his head and tail are moulded pieces made out of a softer, somewhat flexible plastic.

From left to right: Taserface, Mantis and Rocket Racoon.

Mantis in minifigure form looks exactly like she does in all of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailers with the same outfit including black gloves. Her antennae are moulded onto her hair piece and much like Rocket’s moulded pieces, her hair piece is made out of a soft flexible plastic. Which in the case of Mantis’ delicate antennae should prevent them getting snapped or distorted by accident.

The final minifigure is of course the ravager, Taserface. I’m very much in love with the facial printing for this minifigure, don’t get me wrong it’s definitely an abstract take on the character’s actual prosthetics in the film, but damn for what is a difficult look to replicate in 2D, LEGO have captured the essence of it well. Taserface also comes with hair and beard pieces and rather wonderfully features a goatee printed on his face underneath where the beard piece actually sits. He’s always bearded!

Overall the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Ravager Attack (76079) set is a great little purchase for under £20. It has a substantial ship and three great minifigures and while I don’t personally care for the scenery element it packs a metric ton of play for kids.

My final opinion is that while this is a run of the mill, movie tie-in set with nothing exceptional to shout about it is however worth every penny if you’re a fan of the Guardians and looking for something new to add to your collection or for the kids to play with. In the end it packs a lot of good LEGO into a very affordable, no thrills set.

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Image Credit: LEGO

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