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By ·February 25, 2017 12:15 pm

Our February Loot Crate has arrived and let me tell you, it’s a damned good box this time around.

The theme for February’s box is “build” and with that we received items from LEGO Dimensions, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, LEGO Batman and Tetris.

Full disclosure: The following Loot Crate was provided to The Nerd Recites without cost in exchange for an honest review and as such all of the views and opinions of the author are their own. Being sent a review sample does not guarantee a written review or even a positive review, but should we enjoy the product we will give it due exposure.

Upon opening the box the first thing to catch our eye is that we’ve scored a Batman item, we can also see that our t-shirt this month is Power Rangers themed, which is of course a good thing. This month’s could also be built into a small robot as you can see from the packaging.

The Batman item we scored was a food container which you can see below. To open the container you twist off the ears and there’s a space inside for your snacks and so on. It should be noted the lid can be a bit of pain in the ass when trying to screw it back on and that it requires some force to get it back into the correct orientation.

Given the “build” theme of this month’s Loot Crate I have to assume this is a version of LEGO Batman. However the box only contains Warner Bros logos and not a single mention of LEGO. I can’t help but feel this is a cheap LEGO Batman knock off, even though it’s officially licensed. The sculpt and details are just off from the actual LEGO Batman design.

Next up we have a LEGO Dimensions fun pack, specifically we’ve received the DC Comics’ Cyborg fun pack. Surprisingly I had never bought this fun pack and with me being a major LEGO fan this was an all around win, no complaints whatsoever. Not only is it another minifigure for my collection it’s also a new character and vehicle I can play in the LEGO Dimensions game.

It should be said this is one of the earlier LEGO Dimensions fun packs and from the first season of releases, we’re currently on the second. But these still retail for a decent price and it’s certainly a very good quality item.

This month’s t-shirt is a super nostalgic Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers inspired design. I for one am happy to see classic Power Ranger items and this t-shirt hits the spot with it’s classic blueprint style design of the Megazord.

All in all a good quality shirt in navy that I probably should have ironed before photographing.

Finally we have an assortment of smaller items. First up we have some Tetris fridge magnets. These are off the cheap flexible type magnet and without a doubt these are a low cost, low quality filler item.

Next up we have a promo card for Loot Crate’s new “Secret Order of Keys” feature which will allow regular looters to acquire bonus items for their next crate by completing games and puzzles on the Loot Crate site. Genuinely, this is a nice feature for regular Looters and is a great way to reward your most loyal customers. You can find out more about the “Secret Order of Keys” in the Loot Crate FAQ page.

Last of all we have a brand new Power Rangers pin to add to our collection. This month’s pin is a picture of the Megazord, which is great, but the pin is of the cheaper embedded image variety and not the raised metal and enamel paints type. However given the detail on the Megazord, I highly doubt it could have been achieved as an enamel pin.

Overall this was certainly a good box, yes it does have some filler and some poorly licensed products, but it did have an excellent t-shirt and a LEGO Dimensions set.

I can excuse the cheap Tetris magnets somewhat, but the poor quality and design of the Batman food container really lets this box down in terms of quality. Should the container been of better design and quality this crate certainly would’ve received a higher rating.

Until next time, have fun and you can find out more about Loot Crate and their various offerings here.

Written by Michael James Ilett


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Michael can often be found building LEGO, playing Civilization V and World of Warcraft, watching Sci-Fi and continuing to wait for “The Winds of Winter” to be released.

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