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Rogue one has been out in theatres for just under a week now and it’s utterly destroyed the box office, both here in the UK and internationally. Disney have reported that Rogue One is the second biggest opening film in December of all time and the biggest opening of any film in 2016! With all of the success we can only reason that September’s Rogue One LEGO releases are going to be hot items over the next few weeks.

Full disclosure: The following LEGO set was provided to The Nerd Recites without cost in exchange for an honest review and as such all of the views and opinions of the author are their own. Being sent a review sample does not guarantee a review or even a positive review, but should we enjoy the product we will always promote it.

Today we’re reviewing Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156) shuttle set that was released in September. It was the biggest of the Rogue One sets released and personally my favourite of those releases. The set RRP’s for £79.99 it’s composed of 863 pieces with six amazing minifigures. You can read LEGO’s official blurb of the set below before we dive into the review.

When a tough transport ship is needed, Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is the perfect choice. Put him into the pilot seat, open out the thick-armour plating and position the Death Troopers. Lower the ramp and check the blasters are secured, then arm the spring-loaded shooters and seal the hull for take-off. Raise the landing skids, lower the wings for flight mode and set off on another dangerous mission. Includes five minifigures: Pao, Director Krennic, Bohdi Rook, Imperial Death Trooper and K-2SO.

Krennic’s Shuttle is the titular build of this set and it proved to be an enjoyable and relatively simple task, barring two concerns which we will get to shortly. The shuttle is articulated in multiple places to allow for play and to gain access to the cockpit of the ship. The shuttle’s wings pivot around the fuselage from roughly a 12 o’clock position to around the five o’clock and seven o’clock positions for the left and right wings respectively.

Minifigure seating within the LEGO Star Wars (Rogue One) – 75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle set.

Minifigure seating within the LEGO Star Wars (Rogue One) – 75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle set.

To gain access to the cockpit and interior you can lift up all sides of the fuselage. The front moves up and over the cockpit while the side and rear hinge down allowing clear and easy access to all ofthe shuttle’s interior. Which is perfect for getting minifigures in and out of the ship for play and/or storage. While we’re talking minifigures, there are five seats within the shuttle meaning you can store the majority of the figures included within in it, with the sixth possibly being squeezed in somewhere. On a whole that’s a great point for kids, nobody likes lost parts.

You can also raise and lower the canopy on top of the shuttle to gain access to the Director’s chair, lower the boarding ramp and deploy the landing gear from underneath the fuselage. To round off the moving parts of this build both wings of the ship are equipped with spring shooter missiles.

One of the concerns when building the ship is that the tail of the ship which extends out and above the fuselage can be awkward to build. Due to it’s unique patterning it’s built out of lots of 1×1 bricks and flat plates which means it’s a tad fragile until fully built and braced by the outer larger bricks. Being too heavy-handed can cause the tail to come apart while building and ensuring all of those 1×1 bricks are aligned perfectly can be fiddly. For an adult this isn’t a major issue but for a child this may become a stress point.

The wingspan of Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is suitably impressive.

The wingspan of Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is suitably impressive.

My only other quibble is that you’ll need to have plenty of space to work towards the end of the build, the wingspan is quite large (at least for my desk with laptop and other things on) and several of the last steps require you to have the shuttle’s wings open wide to place a few detail bricks. A trivial concern in the grand scheme of things, but definitely something to note if a lack of space is an issue for you.

Finally the shuttle was minimal on stickers, there are none of the exterior of the ship at all, and that’s a genuinely good thing. The only stickers included served their purpose adding detail to screens and the interior of the ship.

As stated, this set comes with six minifigures of five designs. In the box you’ll find minifigures of Pao, Director Krennic, Bohdi Rook, K-2SO and two Imperial Death Troopers, all of which you can see below.

From left to right: K-2SO, Bohdi Rook, Pao, Director Krennic and two Imperial Death Trooper minifigures.

Director Krennic is on a whole a rather simple minifigure, effective in capturing the character but just as the on-screen character’s costume is lacking embellishment so is this minifigure. Krennic has a printed torso with metallic accents and comes equipped with a plain white cloak and silver blaster.

Bohdi Rook and Pao are both visually exciting minifigures with highly detailed printed torsos, backpacks and alternative expressions. There’s not much more to be said about these minifigures as they’re both great however it should be noted that Pao is also rocking what appears to be a unique piece in the form of his headgear, a simple two tone Legionnaire’s style cap.

K-2SO is in my opinion, the minifigure that stands out for this set. In a nutshell the K-2SO minifigure is vastly improved and remodelled version of the classic LEGO battle droid minifigure. The only parts they share in wholesale are the arms, albeit with a colour change, everything else is new and improved. The legs are straight from a super battle droid figure but much like the arms they’ve had a colour change to match K-2SO.

The evolution of K-2SO? Perhaps.

Where the K-2SO minifigure excels is in it’s new and unique torso / head piece. It’s what really sells this minifigure, and more importantly it’s the attention to details they’ve included on the paint job for this piece that I enjoy. For instance they’ve matched the weathering and scrapes on K-2SO’s head to the minifigure while also replicating the Galactic Empire insignias on his shoulders. All in all a well thought out minifigure and one I love.

Last of all we have the Death Trooper minifigures which are identical in every aspect; blasters, facial expressions, you name it, it’s two of the same and that’s not a bad thing. These are perfect for army building and add the necessary Empire flavour to this set and on a general note I’m a big fan the Death Trooper look as a whole. The Death Troopers also have small shoulder cloaks featuring simple printing, overall great if somewhat lacklustre minifigures.

Overall Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is a keeper, it’s currently sitting next to Kylo Ren’s shuttle from last year’s LEGO Star Wars releases and they both look great together. The shuttle is a large model and while it’s impossible to display the shuttle in it’s flight position (wings down, exactly like the lead image of this article) on a shelf it’s still a visually enjoyable set in it’s landing position (wings up, as displayed in the below picture) to a collector such as myself.

Imperial Krennic’s Shuttle (left) is now proudly displayed next to last year’s LEGO Kylo Ren’s Shuttle (right).

Of all of the minifigures K-2SO is my favourite, I love the detailing on the shoulders, it shows attention to detail and I really appreciated that.

With an RRP of £79.99 this is one I’d have been happy to buy outright with no discounts needed. I really love these Star Wars ships and shuttles and throw in the fact it comes with six minifigures, we’re onto a winner. It’s even more of a winner give the current discounts I’ve seen on this set, last I look it was just £55 over at Asda, a definitive buy at that price and a perfect panic buy gift!

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Image Credits: LEGO / Disney

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