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As part of LEGO’s summer Star Wars releases, LEGO have produced two playsets to tie in with the new LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures show which premiered yesterday on Disney XD in the USA. The Freemaker Adventures follows the exploits of the Freemaker siblings, a space scavenging family, who are all tasked with finding the broken remnants of the very first lightsaber before Darth Vader and the Empire can. The set we are reviewing today is the (75147) StarScavenger playset, which is the ship the Freemaker siblings operate in the new animated show.

Full disclosure: All of the views and opinions in this review are that of my own but I was provided with this LEGO set for free for the purpose of this review.

The other set produced for the Freemaker Adventures is the Eclipse Fighter (75145) set. The Eclipse fighter is a ship that belongs to Naare, a possible force sensitive from the show who tasks the Freemaker Siblings with finding the remnants of that first lightsaber. It definitely has more of a sith feel whereas the set we are reviewing today is very much alligned to the light side of the force. You can view the Eclipse Fighter set along with the other summer LEGO Star Wars releases in our overview article.

This set has an rrp of £49.99 and contains 558 pieces at a very reasonable cost of 9p per piece. You can find an overview of the entire set below alongside the official description from LEGO. You can find the official description and an overview of the set below.

Overview of the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

Overview of the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

Join the Freemakers: Rowan, Kordi and Zander as they travel the stars in search of space junk. With modular wings, engines and blasters, StarScavenger™ can be rebuilt into various configurations, and features a foldout top section that reveals a mini scavenger vessel with salvage scoop with space for a minifigure and R0-GR (Roger), the siblings’ friendly Droid. This set includes a Rowan, Kordi and Zander minifigure plus a Droid.

Now that we’ve introduced the LEGO Star Wars – 75147 StarScavenger set it’s onto the review. The review is broken down into three parts, the first two parts cover the set’s main components and the final part is an overall review of the set as a whole.


Scavenger Vessel
Scavenger vessel and Rowan Freemaker minifigures from the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

Scavenger vessel and Rowan Freemaker minifigures from the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

The first part of this build is the Freemaker’s scavenging vehicle and for all intents and purposes it simply resembles a mini space bulldozer. It’s a small build comapared to the actual ship, but it’s a lovely little functioning vehicle and will definitely add to playability when combined with the StarScavenger ship.

When it comes to dimensions the scavenging vessel is roughly 9cm long, 6cm tall and 6.5cm wide, a small but fun little model. It sits two minifigures in it’s cockpit, specifically Rowan Freemaker and R0-GR. The space dozer also comes with bits of space scrap, namely two white bricks (not sure what they represent) and a crystal, Rowan comes with binoculars and a helmet headpiece and R0-GR comes with a bright red cup.

There are absoloutely no stickers on the scavenger vessel, which a real treat on a small vehicle, it has a lot of varied bricks used in it’s construction and has a visually distinct look because of this. The vessel also has a few moving parts, you have the bulldozer scoop at the front which has a single point of articulation for lifting and lowering the bucket. Then you have a set of articulated arms, which allow the vessel to stand off the ground if positioned accordingly and also act as guides for storing the vessel within the StarScavenger ship.

All in all there are no faults with the small scavenger vessel, it works exactly as it should, it looks good and in my opinion my favoruite part about this space dozer is that you can dock it within the StarScavenger ship. I love that this set has a deployable within it, it adds stacks of pretend play to the set and it’s nicely done.


StarScavenger Ship
The StarScavenger ship from the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

The StarScavenger ship from the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

Let’s just jump straight into this, the StarScavenger ship has a lot of moving parts and that is a great thing! It has two positionable turrets on either side of the front of the ship, each equipped with a spring shooter. The cabin has an easy access lid which is perfect for placing your minifigures, it also has positionable and slightly expandable wings at the rear. Lastly the whole rear part of the ship opens up in the middle to allow easy access to the storage bay where the scavenger vessel docks into. That’s a lot of functionality and more importantly replayability for a set of this size.

The StarScavenger came together really easy, it utilizes a lot of pins to join the segments of the ship together, so you build it in small chunks and then clip it all together. Rather wonderfully it ony has three small stickers to deal with, which all match the colours of the bricks they sit on very well. It comes with two minifigures, Kordi and Zander Freemaker, and a hacksaw accessory. The ship roughly measures 23cm long, 9.5cm tall and 22cm wide.

Now I do have a single qualm with the ship and it’s caused me to knock bricks of all over the place. Opening the storage bay roof doors to access the scavenger vessel requires a little bit of force to open and this has caused me numerous time to knock parts of the ship off in the process. Not the best experience for continual play. However this can easily be remedied by removing the locking pin that holds the two sides together, it will still stay in place when closed, but won’t require any force to open it up.


Rowan, Kordi, Zander and R0-GR minifigures from the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

Rowan, Kordi, Zander and R0-GR minifigures from the LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set.

On a whole this set will be amazing for fans of the show, it has all of the core cast as minifigures and as mentioned above this play set has a lot of moving parts which definitely add to its replayability and fun factor. I can easily say this set is value for money with an rrp of £49.99, it has a really low cost per peice of 9p and you do get a sizeable main ship, another mini ship and four minifigures for that price.

The only downside with the model is that it’s fragile when opening the the storage bay doors to allow access to the scavenger vessel, but this is easily fixed by removing a single pin from the closing mechanism and shouldn’t be an issue for most.

I feel there won’t be much appeal to traditional fans of Star Wars sets such as myself, while it is undoubtedly a great model it doesn’t hold any significance for me as a Star Wars fan or anything of particular interest for me to be drawn to it. If you’re looking for a new traditional Star Wars LEGO set then I suggest you check out the other great LEGO Star Wars summer releases.

However if you or your kids are in love with the new LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, then go forth and purchase the set LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger immeadiately, it’s value for money, buckets of fun and features the entire Freemaker family for everyone to play with!

The LEGO Star Wars (75147) StarScavenger set is available to purchase from all major retailers now.

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